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Jesus Christ and the Macedonians

The aim of this documentary film is to reveal to the world the great Macedonian contribution to the creation of the Old and New Testament and the creation of a large Macedonian colony in the Holy Land during Jesus time.

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Jesus Christ and the Macedonians is a new documentary by Aleksandar Donski. Produced by the Australian Macedonian Theatre of Sydney and Macedonian Literary Association of Australia. Executive producer is Dushan Ristevski.

This Documentary is based on ancient historical facts about the life of the Macedonian colony established in the Holy Land by Alexander the Great of Macedon. The Holy Land was ruled by Macedonian kings for 270 years. King Herod the Great was of Macedonian descent.

The documentary will make the general public aware of the contribution the Macedonians had made in creating the Old and New Testament and in establishing and spreading the Christianity in Europe.

The Project will be completed within 6 months.

Hundred of documentaries and movies have been made about Jesus, Christianity and the Holy Land, but none of them mentioned the contributions the Macedonians made in creating the Old and New Testament and in establishing and spreading the Christianity in Europe and the world.

This is a historical documentary based on facts revealed by the ancient historians, including Jewish historian Josephus Flavius. The documentary will become a permanent beacon for future generations interested in finding out the truth of the impact the Macedonians had in creating the Old and New Testament.

The documentary will be offered for broadcasting on the Australian and Macedonian national TV, uploaded to YouTube and link provided to Christian institutions world wide.

The donations will assist in engaging the historian Aleksandar Donski to research and write the script for narration; to engaged a narrator; film maker; technical staff and editor.

The documentary will last 60 minutes. The narration will be in English and for Macedonian audience subtitled in Macedonian.

Donations over $2 made through the Australian Cultural Fund are tax deductible.

For more information about the documentary or to discuss your donation, please contact:
Dushan Ristevski –,
Aleksandar Donski –

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