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Barry Conyngham’s 1984 opera FLY is a powerful, moving and accessible opera about Australia’s history and identity. Following last year’s successful development workshop, now is the time to bring FLY to the stage.

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Let your imagination soar! 36 years ago the curtain went up in the brand new State Theatre. The voice of a young girl filled the space with the words “Fly!” High above the audience a kite took to the skies, hoisting aloft all the dreams and excitement of the Victorian State Opera in their brand new theatre with a brand new opera.

The opera was Barry Conyngham’s brand new FLY, based on the life of the early Australian explorer and engineer Lawrence Hargrave whoes revolutionary aeronautical designs led the world in the quest for flight.

Hargraves story explored themes of Australian identity, mateship and the tyranny of distance that are as relevant today as a generation ago when the work premiered or a century ago when it was set. This is part of our social and theatrical history and it’s time to bring it back to the stage.

“FLY resonates with us because it is about us; who we were and who we can be.”
Pat Miller, Artistic Director, Lyric Opera of Melbourne

FLY is Opera that is relevant, accessible and affordable.

It’s relevant because the story is part of Australia’s history but transformed into art using music, drama and design. This is a story about all of us, asking questions about who we were in the past and who we want to be in the future.

It’s accessible because it’s sung in English, lasts only 90 minutes and it filled will tonal, attractive music by one of Australia’s greatest composers.

It’s affordable because every effort has been made to reduce costs to ensure that everyone can afford a ticket which start at just $30.

The production will take place at 45 Downstairs in the home of Melbourne’s independent performing arts scene and feature design by renowned Melbourne interior designers Zunica.

Lyric are industry leaders in bringing interest and innovation to opera and this relevant, accessible and affordable production of FLY is a perfect example.

But we need your help to get the project into the air.

We need your support to bring this opera back to life. Nearly 40 people will be directly involved in putting this opera on stage including the singers on stage, the musicians, the director, designers, costumiers, lighting designers. We need your support to ensure that these artists are valued members of society, that their talent and time is recognised as they strive to create arts in our society. Every cent of your support will be seen and heard on stage in this powerful fusion of music, drama and design.

Show your support for Lyric and everything we are doing to bring opera to life.


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Established in 2003, Lyric Opera of Melbourne is a bold, creative opera company committed to developing operatic artists, building new audiences and enriching the operatic repertoire by creating a forum for the production of lesser-known works. Lyric’s work is focused on producing innovative and exploratory music-based theatre, using contemporary practices that challenge, engage and inspire artists and audiences alike.

Through its history, the organisation has built a loyal audience, ranging from young professionals and Melbourne arts lovers to traditional opera enthusiasts. Following a restructure in 2012, Lyric was incorporated as a Victorian not-for-profit association. It is governed by a Board of Management, which works in collaboration with the Creative Director and Music Director to facilitate a sustainable model to support the delivery of high quality operatic works for the Melbourne arts community.


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