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‘Its Just A Choice’ Series 2

It’s Just a Choice 2 is a follow-on from our successful first series aimed at helping men develop healthy non-violent relationships with themselves and others.

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Our first series of ‘It’s Just a Choice’ was developed, produced and distributed on a shoestring budget but has gone on to create real fundamental change around the world. It is currently being used in Men’s Behaviour Change programs both at home and abroad with Relationships Australia, No to Violence, Salvation Army, Respect UK and in David Wexler’s STOP program from the Relationship Training Institute in the USA.

As a registered charity we make our work freely available to any person or organisation who uses it and as such we look for financial support to fund the creatives involved.

2 in 5 people in Australia have experienced at least one incident of domestic or family violence since the age of 15 (ABS 2017b). * and we believe one way to reduce this is to connect with the men who are bringing violence into their relationships and offer them positive healthy non-violent choices in their behaviour.

As our first series of ‘It’s Just a Choice’ was so enthusiastically received in the therapeutic environment as well as in personal lives, we are endeavouring to bring a second series of ‘It’s Just a Choice’ to the community that incorporates a broader and a more diverse content.

Budget-wise please know that 100% of your donations will be going to pay the actors and crew who will be bringing this amazing life-changing series together and thus our target is based upon paying a skeleton crew and actors industry minimums for the project. We will be using our own or loaned equipment and locations are fee-free.

Our first series of ‘It’s Just a Choice’ was made for an actual outlay of less than $AU$5,000 with the majority of services and equipment donated by our actors and crew. This time around we’d like to support them in their hard work as well as covering minimal production costs. As we did with our first series, we know that we will make this anyway with whatever support we manage to find and we know that it will go on to make real lasting change in our communities, in families, in relationships and in the lives of men who want to change the violence out of their lives.

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