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Itet – JNQP Bairnsdale with ACF Boost

Established in 2011, John Noble’s Quartet Program – JNQP is about to launch an exciting String Quartet in Bairnsdale, in Victoria’s East Gippsland. This program is proudly supported by ACF Boost.

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JNQP is an exciting, innovative & inspiring String Chamber Music program for students of regional & rural Victoria. It is ground-breaking & unique. No such program exists that offers ongoing professional mentorship, performance opportunities, collaboration and a professional pathway to these gifted string students. There are currently 7 ensembles across Victoria, and we are now committed to launch an new ensemble in Bairnsdale.

Working alongside local teachers, councils & community members we will launch a String Quartet that will receive all of the mentor/performance opportunities available in my program. Some of these include;

  • Monthly rehearsals with professional musicians/mentors, delivered live or via online platforms;
  • Performance opportunities afforded at local & civic events;
  • Side by side performances sharing the stage with their professional mentors;
  • Individual one-on-one lessons with their professional mentors;
  • An End-of-Year concert at the iconic Melbourne Recital Centre; and many more.

We are incredibly excited to be launching a new ensemble in Bairnsdale. Having suffered the dual devastation of Victoria’s bush-fires and the terrible isolation from our COVID-19 pandemic, this project aims to impart a sense of pride and ownership through the inspiring art of Chamber Music. Driven by our students and supported by all levels of community and professional musicians/mentors, we will be creating a program of inclusion where other like-minded students will want to join their peers.

We have an amazing suite of mentor events, performance opportunities & community engagement projects planned for the next 12 months. We will actively work with our senior students as they take on the role of mentors to their junior peers. We can ignore the tyranny of distance and work collaboratively with our Bairnsdale and professional musicians, working together online (and live) delivering these innovative opportunities. Please join us on this inspiring journey.

We have the generous support of the ACF Boost allowing us to double the value of each donation, matching it dollar for dollar up to $3,000. Through the ACF Boost, your matched donation will allow us to truly make an impact in Bairnsdale.

Our Bairnsdale musicians will receive the entire suite of exciting and innovative mentor/performance opportunities. The wider community will benefit too with thrilling live performances. Performing alongside their professional mentors as they share the stage will be life changing for these young musicians. We will create an environment where the students feel safe and enabled. An environment that encourages the older students to take on the mentor role to their younger counterparts. We will create a Quartet that the community of East Gippsland lauds and encourages. We will enable exciting opportunities to be mentored by professional classical musicians. With your assistance, all of this is offered to our talented students at no cost.

For more information, look at my website – and Facebook page.

John Noble’s Quartet Program is an exciting and innovative method of training young musicians in the art of chamber music. The program harnesses online technology to deliver tailored music programs to students of regional & rural Victoria. Each quartet receives monthly mentoring sessions with John Noble and other gifted musicians. They are supported by their local community, schools and government. This partnership provides a rehearsal space with all of the technical support to deliver inspirational coaching via Skype. Performance opportunities are provided at local civic and community events allowing the students to gain in confidence and potential. This program not only provides young people in remote locations the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded musicians, but an opportunity to socialize and connect within their communities. All quartets are linked to professional ensembles from around Australia, affording them unique mentoring experiences. Once a year all quartets come together and perform alongside their professional mentors in a full string orchestra. We currently have six quartets across Victoria. This will grow to ten by 2018. Exciting opportunities for growth nationally and internationally will occur in 2019.


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