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Into the Light

Into the Light is an immersive contemporary street performance delving into the world of connections and disconnections. It is a devised collective creation based on research, experimentation and community engagement.

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Into the Light is an interactive street performance that explores the world of connections and disconnections, light and darkness, where human reality is virtualised and virtual reality humanised.

Taking Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and the third verse of the Book of Genesis as our point of departure, our focus is to create an immersive outdoor theatrical space that combines stimuli from physical theatre, dance, philosophy, literature, visual arts, music, digital media and live audience interaction to generate new representations of the role cyber culture plays in our daily lives.

Continuing the work we began in 2019 (Project Dis.connect.ed, partly funded by Noosa Council’s RADF), D.I.V.E. has gathered a team of highly skilled performing artists to devise Into the Light.

The show will be performed in different outdoor locations in the Sunshine Coast, QLD during Anywhere Festival in May 2020. It will be designed to welcome different sectors of the community, including not only theatre goers of any age, but also passers-by.

In our century, we are losing the connection to our senses because of the digital world. More and more people believe cyberspace to be the place where their truest selves dwell. Our physical bodies engaging in non-physical experiences. Our self-esteem boosted by a few clicks, our lives enlightened by screens of light.

It is paramount that artists address this issue in a creative way. D.I.V.E. uses theatre as a tool for reflection and social change; we believe movement and interaction to be the most influential form of theatrical expression. We bring live performances to the heart of the community to generate discussion and incite action.

Our aim is to establish ourselves as a leading professional theatre company in the Sunshine Coast and deliver quality performances to our audiences. We also want to recruit the best performing artists and provide them with the best possible working conditions – paid rehearsals, training with leading directors, support from technical crew, rehearsal spaces, safe travel conditions, access to theatre equipment and costumes, and marketing support.

We keep our ticket prices affordable and bring our shows to open public spaces, making sure they’re accessible to everyone.

We need your support to achieve this goal!

Funds from this campaign will go towards award wages for the artists, theatre equipment, costumes and advertising.

Into the Light will be an experience not to be missed. It will surely dwell forever in the minds of those who witness it.

For more information, visit www.divetheatre.com


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We are a collective of theatre practitioners, from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Our aim is to investigate, experiment and create work in contemporary theatre integrating different areas of knowledge, art and philosophy that, once touched, transform and reconfigure the theatrical scene.

We believe in collective creation, exchange of experiences and research, which open doors that make possible the encounter between the old and the new, thus generating new possibilities and meanings in theatre.

By exploring themes such as belonging, cultural identity and displacement from our personal experiences, combined with research into physical theatre, dance, literature, visual arts, music, digital media, philosophy and other sources, our goal is to bring together people with similar interests to devise new works of art.


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