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Transportation Press is bringing together writers and editors from Tasmania, India and Iran to publish the best new short stories from these three states (of mind).

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In our short life, Transportation Press has published two international collections of short stories. The first, Islands and Cities, included stories from Tasmania and London, the second, The Third Script contained contemporary short stories from Iran, the UK and Tasmania. In this, our third collection, we are working with writers and editors in Tasmania, Iran and India. Submissions are now open and the book will be released late in 2018. Our writers are at all stages in their careers, some you’ve never heard of, and some international award winners.

Transportation Press offers a unique and crucial opportunity for Tasmanian writers to have their work placed in an international context – and to be read and celebrated by a wide audience of readers around the world. Tasmania is home to some of the best writers in the world, though they are historically disadvantaged, as are many remote and regionally based writers, not having direct access to market as many mainland counterparts. We think that’s a big pity, as their words are effulgent and powerful. We are unique in publishing Tasmanian writers in an international context. These international partnerships are already bearing fruit for many involved.

These funds will be put towards paying our writers and editors. All of the current Transportation crew have created the first two books on a volunteer basis, though this year will be paying our three editors too. We have paid all our writers. The end result will be another beautiful collection of contemporary short fiction that will both challenge and delight.

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Transportation Press is an independent publisher based in Tasmania. We established with an international literary collaboration in 2013 and have since published two collections of short stories and one collection of microfiction.

The first collection, with an introduction from Peter Conrad included new short stories from Tasmania and London (2014) and The Third Script (2016), with an introduction by Amanda Lohrey, featured writers from Iran, Tasmania and the UK. ‘Smoke’ was a collection of microfiction and featured writers from around the world, and for the first time included mainland Australian writers.

We are warming up for our third collection, currently inviting submissions from Indian, Iranian and Tasmanian writers.

All of our work has been positively received, and we have been proud to see many of ‘our’ authors published more widely, following their inclusion in our collections, most recently Robbie Arnott and his wonderful novel ‘Flames’ (Text 2018) , and Shreya Sen Handley (UK) for her memoir, ‘Memoirs of My Body’ (Harper Collins India, 2017).

We are proud to be a publisher of Tasmanian fiction, and to give opportunities to writers from the apple isle to be published in an international space.


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Kristyn Harman


James Murfet