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Intergalactic Plasma

Intergalactic Plasma: a way back to go forward
Bon Mott
10 February – 1 May 2020. Richmond Town Hall
Opening 6-8pm. Friday 14 February 2020.

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Intergalactic Plasma: a way back to go forward is an installation of silk sculpture that encourages the public to consider gender-diversity, Indigenous activism, and feminist philosophies and its beneficial impact on contemporary society.  The name Intergalactic Plasma draws from scientific research that lightning (energy as plasma) forms from cosmic rays entering the Earth’s atmosphere, which originate in the supernovae explosions of dying stars in intergalactic space.

When asked by a journalist whether they were the ‘AC’ or the ‘DC’, Bon Scott replied:

“Neither, I’m the lightning flash in the middle.”

The Artist Bon Mott interprets Bon Scott’s answer as a self-identification of the lightning flash and a state of liminality within the band’s logo (AC/DC). 2020 marks the 40th anniversary of Bon Scott’s death 5 Days after Valentine’s Day.

Intergalactic Plasma: a way back to go forward is an exhibition that engages the public through social discourse, reflection, and social inclusion regarding attitudes and philosophies collaborating with artists who identify as non-binary and gender diverse.

The images of the following Melbourne Artists are printed on high-quality silk to transform static, 2D images into dynamic 3D artworks activated by movement of other people walking past.

The funds will be allocated towards the following main areas:

  • Project and Production Costs
    Materials, installation, printing, publicity, Artist fees, choreography, location hire
  • Welcome to Country
    Carolyn Briggs, Boon Wurrung Elder
  • Ideation development and project management
    Photography, digital file handling and printing

List of Artists:

/ Karen Casey / Nic Diprose / Callan Hales / Spenser Lai / Nunzio Madden / Jack Mannix / Sean Miles / Bon Mott / Alexander Powers / Leisa Prowd & Tsuki / Rowan Oliver / Campbell Rothnie / Stelarc / Adam Studarty / Karina Utumo / Penelope Trotter / Bella Waru /

Intergalactic Plasma: a way back to go forward is presented as part of Yarra City Council’s exhibition program at Richmond Town Hall, Fitzroy Library and Bargoonga Nganjin, North Fitzroy Library.
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BIO, Bon Mott
B. California, (Turtle Island). USA.
Lives in Melbourne (Naarm), Australia.

Bon Mott is non-binary, artist and curator who identifies as lightning and creates trans/disciplinary process-driven sculpture, photography and performance art installations learning from Indigenous philosophies and learns from astrophysics, alchemy, and neuroscience through the framework of lightning and entangles binaries of male and female, and human, non-human and post-human.

Bon Mott’s installations aim to transmute or upturn normative hierarchies and power structures as a way to invite positive social change. This trans-disciplinary process takes advice from Indigenous philosophies and learns from astrophysics, alchemy, and neuroscience through the framework of lightning. These installations can be activated by performance in on-going iterations.

Recent International exhibitions and performances have taken place in Belgrade, Serbia, Hobart, Australia, London, UK, Melbourne, Australia, Minneapolis, USA, Niagara, Canada, Perth, Australia, Saint Remy, France, Sydney, Australia, Venice, Italy.

Bon Mott facilitates the inclusive Second Space Projects (2SP) curatorial space in Fitzroy.

PhD Candidate – Faculty of Fine Arts and Music


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Trevor Wight



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