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We bring comfort to patients, families and hospital staff, through music and song with individual bedside experiences and public performances on wards at the Royal Hobart Hospital and other hospitals in Southern Tasmania

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Instrumental is an engaging and inspiring project that connects professional musicians with people in hospital. It provides 2 programs – tailored bedside musical experiences, and pop up performances (Instant Instrumental).

In bedside musical experiences, a trained musician connects with the patient through their choice of music and song, and offers opportunities to chat, reminisce, sing, play instruments and collaborate in songwriting. For people who may have been in hospital for a long time or who are experiencing low mood, this individualised experience can be empowering and uplifting.

Instant Instrumental performance duos bring beautiful music and harmonies to waiting rooms, entrances and ward spaces.

All our professional performers have been trained and mentored as part of the Inscape’s support program for artists.

Hospital can be a very clinical and cold environment, but music provided through both the Instant performances and the bedside experience can change the atmosphere. Our programs have been evaluated and found to have a positive impact for patients, families and staff, providing a person centred approach to care and supporting recovery.

“I know (mum) just loved the times they had music. They sang songs that she knew and she just loved that… she certainly enjoyed it because she looked forward to it, she got quite social with it in the end”. (family member)

‘I think this is a marvelous program. I am a doctor at the hospital and can see how much patients appreciate this. Many are scared, lonely, bored and in pain. The chance to enjoy, make and appreciate art and music is an incredible gift. I hope when I am on receiving end – in the bed and not beside it you are there for me too.’ (doctor, Royal Hobart Hospital).

Instrumental began on one ward at the Royal Hobart Hospital and has grown to operate over the entire hospital, with demand to expand to other medical centres. As an independent not for profit organisation we rely on donations, grants and philanthropy to support our work.

Donations will go directly to training and supporting the professional musicians working in the hospital. Your support will enable these musicians to deliver programs that connect them with patients, families, and hospital staff. You will be contributing to over 13 hours of bedside music each week and fortnightly performances.

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Inscape Tas is a new not for profit organisation set up to support best practice in arts and health project delivery and evaluation, capacity building, advice and consultation.

Inscape Tas supports artists to work in healthcare and other non-art settings with the aim of promoting a wider sense of wellbeing for all people who provide or receive the services in these settings.

This purpose is achieved by the following objectives:
• To facilitate professional development, support and training for artists to understand how their different perspective and practice can contribute positively to the non-art setting.
• To offer skill development opportunities for health care and other staff in these settings.
• To initiate, develop and deliver projects where skilled artists work in non-arts settings to provide innovative, and process driven programs.
• To source funding and resources to support projects and programs through private, local, state and federal government opportunities. A fee for training and/or consultation may also generate income to support these projects.


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