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In September 2019 Flightpath Theatre in collaboration with Merrigong Theatre Company and the Illawarra Multicultural Services will transform the Wollongong Town Hall into an international airport transit lounge for an immersive theatrical experience exploring departures, arrivals and belonging.

The audience arrive, check in and trade tickets for boarding passes and hand luggage. They pass through security where scanners reveal them to be flawed, human… loved. They wait in a transit lounge for their gate to be called. They put on headphones that reveal the inner most thoughts of people sitting next to them. Stories, anecdotes, cautionary tales unfold — of travel, migration and survival – overlapping narratives told in a rich theatrical language of text, physical images, video and sound.

This highly imaginative theatrical work has been developed through a collaboration between local and Sydney based artists and members of the Wollongong community through a series of workshops run with the IMS and The Drama Studio.

IN TRANSIT began life as a research project into interconnectivity and air travel. We distributed postcards at airports around the world asking for thoughts about being in transit. In the stories, poems and emails we received were a number of similar thematic ideas: A sense of displacement, a feeling of freedom from the everyday and above all a desire to connect with others.

‘Transit’ has different connotations in the current socio- political climate. A ‘global office’ business woman sitting in LAX’s sparkling cathedral to commerce is in stark contrast to the ‘transit’ of Manus or a UNCHR camp on Bangladesh’s Myanmar border. The freedom of global movement of some sits uncomfortably next to the struggle of movement of others.

IN TRANSIT explores these big questions at a local level through both the creative process and presentation of this innovative work. In Wollongong in September the transit lounge becomes a space for a conversation about what it means to depart, what it means to arrive and what it means to belong.

Your support will directly translate to the design elements to help make this Wollongong transit lounge look and feel like the real deal with authentic signage, costumes, sounds and lighting. Securing these elements will also enable us to send this work on tour in the future and engage with other regional communities through the unique framework we have developed.

Our target is $5000 which will go into all design elements and also help fund some of the wonderful artists who are currently volunteering their time on this project!

And if you are not in a position to donate you can still help by using the tab above and CLICK AND SHARE!

THANK YOU you to all our helping spirits: the ones who have been supporting us so far and to all the new ones we will meet through this campaign. All your help is much appreciated!

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Flightpath Theatre is an independent theatre company lead by designer Katja Handt and director Michael Pigott, developing dramaturgical frameworks to articulate the contemporary experience. Fusing form and content in a style drawn from architecture, objects and personal stories, we explore ways to connect ideas and engage audiences— weaving text, movement and design into new forms of theatrical storytelling.

Flightpath’s work includes Do Something Else (Old 505), The Golden Ass (BSharp/Arts Radar) and Pugilist Specialist (Darlinghurst Theatre Company).

As a designer, Katja has worked for Merrigong Theatre Company, Belvoir, Legs on The Wall, Sydney Festival and De Quincey Company; As an installation designer for the Sydney Maritime Museum, Old Parliament House and Wollongong Art Gallery and has run departments on films Mad Max: Fury Road and Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

As a Director/Performer/Devisor, Michael has worked for the STC, Sport for Jove, Belvoir, Darlinghurst Theatre Company and Old 505 Theatre. He has also worked as a facilitator and educator for Belvoir, Shopfront, Milkcrate and GTZ Nepal. He currently lectures in Theatre Studies at the UNDA.


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