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If These Walls Could Talk

If These Walls Could Talk is a five minute documentary exploring the effects of architecture on patients in mental health facilities.

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If These Walls Could Talk is a collaboration between three AFTRS Bachelor students and SCCI. We were given the opportunity to work with SCCI for 6 months to refine and improve our idea in order to pitch in front of SCCI’s The Hub 2019. From this we have learnt many valuable lessons and will continue to be supported by them throughout the production process. We aim to raise funds to complete the documentary in the next 12 months in time to screen at The Hub 2020.

In modern mental health institutions, very few architectural considerations are given for the well-being of their patients. They’re often cold, clinical, claustrophobic, lacking natural light, and lacking in visual interest or affordances in the space.

This documentary is not exploring new territory. Much research has been done in this area, however, this documentary aims to be an accessible way of exploring this research, putting some heart and soul into the numbers. What we are asking for, is help, because we can’t do this alone.

This issue has resulted in numbers of murders and injuries with mental health patients hurting themselves because of the space they must live in. It’s not an acceptable issue, and we need your help, to help.

The donations will be used for the production of the documentary, mainly in location fees, camera gear and some extra measures to make sure our documentary as effective as possible. The finished film will be screened at SCCI’s The Hub 2020, with some possibilities of being released into festivals and/or online. If you wish to know more please email kaitlynmcmurtry@gmail.com with enquiries.

Thank you so much for your contribution, small or large! We really appreciate the help.

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Orla Doyle (writer/director) & Kaitlyn McMurtry (producer) are in their final year of the Australian Film, Television and Radio School.

They are passionate about female-lead and driven stories, and using the craft of filmmaking to interrogate the complexities surrounding the experiences of young women today.

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