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I come in Peace, Take me to your Leader

Transfering ideas of peace on 17M wall- using image based work with in Mackay Art Gallery. Gather information from artist facilitated conversations with the Mackey Community asking” What is peace ?” .

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I have been invited to do a residency at Mackay Regional Gallery November 2018. I see this is as an opportunity install a new body of work that I have been contemplating for about 3 years. This work currently consists of 80 to 100 Riot police aprox 30cm high. They create a peace sign when hung on a wall. I am curious about how police have become more weaponised, what does this say about us. A violent world is often portrayed by media outlets.

I’m wanting to involve community’s thoughts on peace to then incorporated into the work. The idea of using a public wall space also lies in the tradition of political graffiti. I believe people are good natured and well-meaning, yet is rarely celebrated in public spaces, or in the media. I want celebrate that people are good natured and community minded.

I need $1880 to transfer Art work. –The 80 ceramic riot police are an integral part in creating an authentic community dialog. I want to provide a community voice for peace beyond the hype of mass media. Im wanting to reflect back to the community that we all want similar things, perhaps some times its our differences that may seperate us. I would like to further the project beyond Mackay. I see the residency as perfect starting point

Your support will go towards engaging groups towards a science of understanding towards ideas of peace. Provide a space away from current political and some media that divides community through fear of difference. I will acknowledge all donors through marketing and on the wall. Please help to build a wall for peace rathe than a wall to divide.


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The handmade is an idealistic ideaI holds dear within my making process.

Decoration is incorporated within the body of the work; weaving, twisting and turning, with a confounding plethora of images and motifs. I like the idea that life is a juxtaposition between the perception of the beautiful and the ugly, which creates a subjective perception towards making and looking at Art itself.

David Ray retired from RMIT University in 1996 with Honours, and his work is held in Australian and International collections. He has held numerous Artist in Residence placements and he lists that Liverpool (U.K.) was his most ‘mind-bending’. Various publications and articles have been written about his work. He comes up when Googled!

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