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Hysteria Theatre is a new female-led theatre company set on creating new work, new writing, and a new voice.

Our first show this year is titled: Woyzeck + Marie

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We, Edith Poor and Imogen Sage, met while training in the BA Acting course at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London.

We have been immensely lucky to work with international artists such as Emma Rice, Taika Waititi, and Roman Polanski.

We’ve worked with theatre companies such as Kneehigh Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Complicite and Melbourne Theatre Company.

And there are others that, although smaller, obscurer, underfunded, have challenged us, played with us, and shaped us into the artists and actresses we now are.

We’ve performed at international arts festivals, we’ve won some awards, and as well as acting for stage and screen, we’ve also written for it. This is something we’re doing more and more and it’s a lot of fun.

Now we’re creating something new. We’ve never done this before. We’re a little bit scared (OK, we’re terrified) but we think we’ve got something special.

Woyzeck + Marie is the first show we’ve written and devised together. And we need your help to put it on.

Woyzeck + Marie is a complete rewriting and reworking of German playwright George Buchner’s 19th century play, Woyzeck.

The original is an obscure, unfinished work, widely regarded as the first modern drama. It’s based on the real-life barber who stabbed his mistress in a fit of jealousy and was sentenced to death in 1821. But Woyzeck is more than a story about sexual jealousy or violence. It’s a thing of fragmented poetic beauty. It’s a social critique. And it’s an intimate exploration of madness and mortality.

To us, it’s also a story about a woman – Marie, Woyzeck’s unlawful wife. A mother. A lover. An outcast. A dreamer. A flirt. A force. A woman. A woman who is murdered. We want know who she is.

We’ve brought our setting forward to an imagined, increasingly conservative Australia, about ten years from now. The land is hotter and people are forced to work long hours in undignified jobs.

Within this heavy setting, we play with the grotesqueness of power, celebrate what it is to love, and have a lot of fun.

We’ve written our first draft. We’ve found a venue. We’ve got our cast. We’re gathering our crew. We’ve started pre-production. We’re planning to take our show from Melbourne to London and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We’re committed to making bold, imaginative, fun, urgent new work. The only thing in our way is the funds to get us there.

Your support will help get this show on its feet. It will help us with our venue, our set, and our marketing. It won’t stop there though. It will also give us a kickstart in creating further new work and setting Hysteria Theatre up as an emerging theatrical voice.

We’re excited about female stories. We’re excited about complex female characters. We’re excited about female writing.

But above all we just love a good story.

And we’d love your help in getting this show on the road!






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Imogen Sage is a young actress from the small coastal town of Pretty Beach, NSW.

She trained in the BA in Acting course at the world renowned Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London.

After drama school Imogen played Mrs de Winter in Kneehigh Theatre’s acclaimed one year UK tour of Rebecca, directed by Emma Rice.

As well as this her theatre credits outside drama school include: Hay Fever (Melbourne Theatre Company), The School for Scheming (Orange Tree Theatre, London), Measure for Measure (Wanamaker Festival, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre), Three Sisters (Pleasance Theatre, London), M (Pleasance Theatre, London), Weekend (La Mama Theatre) and Romeo and Juliet (Essential Theatre). Her screen credits include, for film: The Man Who Knew Infinity, Wrecked, and Leaving Bartholemew, and for TV: Doctors.

She recently co-wrote, co-produced, and acted in the short film ‘The Understudy’ directed by Morgane Polanski and with composition by Vangelis, which had a successful run in the film festival circuit.

Imogen is co-artistic director of emerging theatre company Hysteria Theatre.


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