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Hummingsong’s 2020 Season

On the back of a whirlwind year with Australia’s Got Talent and their recent stunning choral concert and fundraising event, Hummingsong is preparing a joyful 2020 season.

Days Left

Hummingsong is a vibrant musical community of nearly 500 women in six choirs in Sydney’s north. We are six friendly villages within one big, inclusive Hummingsong community. We push ourselves to make fabulous quality music, performing a diverse range of beautiful musical styles. We are women supporting each other and others in their local community, through laughter, music and friendship.

One of Hummingsong Choirs’ hallmarks is our diverse repertoire of beautifully arranged songs. We are inviting financial support as we expand this library for our 2020 season.

The upcoming season is shaping up as one to watch… full of warmth and soul-nourishing music, culminating in another season-highlight annual concert event next September.

Hummingsong is a platform for sharing a wonderful message to the public. It’s a message that promotes the power and passion for community music making and one that hopefully will tug at the hearts of the general public. We hope to inspire others to a) get involved in their own community singing in a choir, and b) take action against domestic violence.

We are absolutely thrilled to be starting a new Hummingsong Community Choir in Melbourne in January 2020.

We also have a philanthropic milestone to achieve in 2020, which is to exceed $200,000 donated to local domestic violence shelters. Since our inception in 2012 we have raised donated just over $180,000, and these funds are raised largely through our performances.

Thank you very much for your generous support.

By contributing to the costs of licensing, copyright, and the commissioning of arrangements and occasionally compositions, you are directly supporting the enrichment of local women in our community, through the beautiful powers of music and fellowship.

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Hummingsong Choirs are a network of women’s a cappella choirs, with over 450 members situated currently in six different locations on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore, and with an increasing demand for choirs not only in Sydney but all over the country.

Anna Humberstone is the Founder and Artistic Director who works alongside three other passionate conductors. These choirs offer women a vibrant opportunity to sing for fun and nourish their souls.

Non-auditioned and non-exclusive, these wonderful musical communities sing, laugh and grow together. We have a variety of performances throughout the year. These performances can be at local venues, festivals, care homes and once a year, all of our choirs come together to participate in our annual concert. To view our upcoming events, visit our website.

Performing a wide range of repertoire that challenges our members and provides an interesting and dynamic program for our audiences is important to us, and we proudly support local Australian composers by commissioning arrangements and new works that are tailored to the needs of our singers.

Hummingsong Choirs are committed to raising awareness and funds for women and children escaping domestic violence and it is through these events that we raise money for the charities that we support. We are passionate about supporting the prevention of domestic violence and those affected by it.