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Hola Melbourne!

The HOLA MELBOURNE! FESTIVAL OF LATIN AMERICAN CULTURE & IDEAS is a two-week program exhibiting film, visual & kinetic arts, food & music to offer audiences an all-embracing portrayal of genuine Latin American culture

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This event (September 13th to the 29th) is highly ambitious with regards to the range and scope of programs on offer. 4Diverse will create and source interactive performances and events involving local visual artists, musicians, writers, academics and dancers to actively engage local attendees with the vibrancy of Latin American culture.

The program will feature an unprecedented variety of activities, including academic seminars on Latin American culture and history, traditional mask making and dancing workshops, a contemporary projected gallery of Latin American music history, and the publication of a bilingual anthology of stories and poems by Latin American writers – based in both Australia and Mexico – as a tangible token of the festival.

Last years Latin American art exhibition was inspired by the rapidly expanding Latin American community in Port Phillip. Hola Melbourne! now presents an opportunity for our Latin American diaspora to project genuine representations of their own cultures to those of varying backgrounds. We believe this festival will greatly impact the notions of Latin American life held by Melbournians, helping to dismantle stereotypical assumptions and highlight the subtle ways Latin American culture has pervaded and influenced aspects of day to day Melbourne life.

Any donations will go toward the construction and execution of art exhibitions and events, the renting of venues for those events with a projected high capacity and acquisition of amazingly talented team members to help pull it all together (as well as much of the day to day expenses of planning such a complex program)!

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4Diverse was created in 2013 by multidisciplinary Melbourne artist and visionary Victor Holder and his brother Pedro, a cultural promoter who had lived and worked in Beijing.

A Venezuelan national abroad, Victor had been raising environmental and social awareness for many years through his work as an artist in St Kilda. Eventually, he felt compelled to focus his talent and ingenuity in a space that could be shared by the local community.

Taking on the role of Creative Director, Victor’s vision encompassed the diversity of art, global cultures, health and community – creating a place where art could be generated, ideas spread, and connections made. 4Diverse commenced trading and began to encourage people to see the potential of their ideas, to unify this growing community and invite them to this welcoming space to ‘unite, create and celebrate’.

The focus of 4DVERSE is to connect socially and culturally diverse people through a thriving community of arts, well-being and cultural programs. Our multi-functional gallery space has been home to many exhibitions, workshops, lectures, performances, launches, markets, screenings and much more.

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