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Helping children to learn to read


Alphabeticus is a collaboration of filmmakers, writers, artists, musicians and educationalists that is creating projects to inspire and encourage children to learn to read.

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The first project of Alphabeticus is a card game called A2Z.

A2Z is an engaging card game for children and adults to help promote awareness of the alphabet while bringing people together to have fun in these challenging times of COVID and beyond.

Since the advent of COVID-19, sales of games have increased dramatically because people are looking for social connection.
A2Z is a game that not only provides social cohesion, but also has value as a learning tool.

We have tested the game successfully in schools and libraries and with families.

We will gift card sets to schools, literacy organisations, libraries and families in need.

We believe that being literate is a fundamental right in everyone’s life.
We believe that being literate can lead to empowerment and a better life.
We believe that by helping people to learn to read, positive changes will transpire in the world.

We want to inspire and help people to learn to read through entertaining films and educational projects (such as A2Z and other card games, electronic games and short educational videos). This will be achieved through the unique Alphabeticus characters, stories and music.

We work in partnership with the following institutions and organisations; School of Education – Edith Cowan University, Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Sudbury House Education Hub, Stirling Council, Melville Council and LTA Educational Distributors.

We need to raise $12,000 to help print 5,000 sets of cards in order to commercialise the project which includes gifting card sets to schools, literacy organisations, libraries and in-need families.

At Alphabeticus, a team of writers, university educators, artists, filmmakers and musicians are creating Muppet-based videos that teach children how to read. Our first series is 26 x 1 min videos based on the letter sounds of the alphabet. The first video is complete and we now need to raise funds to edit and market the rest of the series, free, to a global audience. Once we develop an audience through these videos, we will move on to making more videos that blend letter sounds.

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