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Help us to launch The Dark Room.

The Dark Room is a new theatre company, focusing on the darker side of theatre. Our aim is to produce original and existing confronting theatre, that challenges both actors and audience alike.

Days Left

Our launch production is a version of Martin McDonaghs The Pillowman. This confronting script highlights the confusion that surrounds storytelling and the reality of stereotypes. The confronting nature of the narrative is the subject matter at the core of The Dark Room, as we wish to bring the stage issues, content and subject matter that are still whispered about, but have a lasting societal impact.

The Dark Room aims to produce existing work as well as creating original work that tactfully tackles harder subjects, whilst acting as a voice for original writers and artists. Our hope is to make a lasting impression on the vast world of theatre, but we are not dreamers. We need help.

I believe our project is important, as we are creating a platform. A platform that highlights specific subject matter that is considered taboo. The creation of original work, allows for artists, not just actors, but musicians, dancers and writers, to work with The Dark Room and to share their voice with the broader community.

We are asking for help, because financially we are in our infancy, and we require assistance to launch. As a teacher of theatre and drama, with 17 years of theatre industry experience, I have the knowledge, the passion, the creativity, the drive and work ethic, but not the wallet!

We are asking for whatever someone can spare. Even if it is the cost of a coffee, or whether there were sponsors that wanted to become part of something new, something invigorating, daring, confronting and dark, please, we need some financial assistance.

All donations will be used to cover the cost of script rights, venue hire, rehearsal space and animation for projected scenes. These are our main costs. I have managed to secure marketing and publicity and a technician for gratis, and I have already covered the costs of registering as a company and domain name security, as well as an audition space, but the main bulk of the costs, I am going to struggle with, without help or funding.

The end result will be the launch of The Dark Room, and allow us to springboard straight into an original production, utilising a core of actors to create and showcase new work to the broader community.

For more information on who we are, and what we wish to do, please find The Dark Room Theatre Company on Facebook or email The Dark Room at:

The Dark Room is a new theatre company within the Surf Coast region. Our aim is to create confronting, engaging, provoking, exciting and challenging productions that will satiate both audience and actor alike. The Dark Room is just over a week old, but has had an overwhelming response from actors and stage crew wanting to know more. We are excited about the future and the creative work we can bring to the region.

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