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Help Support New Performance in Sydney

Brand X at East Sydney Community and Arts Centre is looking to upgrade vital equipment including lighting and staging to support artists in producing new work for audiences in Sydney.

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Performing artists need an audience. That’s why they are compelled to create – so they can share their imaginations with you. However, it is extremely difficult for performers in Sydney to access space to present their ideas. The costs associated with presenting a show in Sydney are expensive so less and less new ideas are hitting our stages. In response to this Brand X has a vision – and we want you to be a part of it.

This year we created The Flying Nun program at the East Sydney Community and Arts Centre (ESCAC) in Darlinghurst. This contemporary performance program showcased exciting new ideas coming out of our rehearsal spaces. Artists involved in the program got subsidised space that ensured maximum box office return. So far over $11,000 in ticket sales have been returned to the pockets of Sydney performers. This has encouraged new ideas to be presented to local audiences… so we are doing it again!

But we need your help.

The City of Sydney has generously given us a venue. We now need to fit this out with professional equipment so the work of Sydney’s artists can be showcased professionally – with proper theatre lighting, stage and floor. We are seeking donations from individuals and organisation wanting to be game-changers like us. All money raised will be matched by the funding we have received from the City of Sydney to support our vision for an equipment upgrade. Every dollar you commit will double in value until we reach our ultimate goal of $30,000 donations. When realised, ESCAC will become Sydney’s newest performance space for the benefit of local culture, local artists and the local economy.

Our vision will give artists an accessible platform to engage with audiences, maximising their box office return and incentivise creative risk-taking by making it more financially viable. In turn, this will give the people of Sydney alternative, fringe and counter-cultural entertainment options to enhance a diverse nighttime culture.

Be a part of history and join us in our journey to invest in a renewed Sydney by getting artists back on our stages, in front of new audiences and sharing their dreams and exciting ideas with us.

Since 2005, Brand X has been in the business of making space for Artists by re-purposing underutilised properties in Sydney so Artists have a place to practice their craft. We are a non-profit arts organisation run by Artists for Artists who work with Property Developers, Landlords and Local Governments to transform their empty spaces into cultural places. We do this so Artists can contribute, flourish and be sustainable in the community for the advancement of a healthy, connected and creative society.


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