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Help give WA a VOICE on the world stage

About FACE has been invited to represent Australia at the 2020 International Youth Music Festival in Bratislava, an annual music festival where choirs come from all over the world to showcase their country’s best.

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We are a 30-member youth (aged 14-35) choir based in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. We perform regularly around the Great Southern, run development programs in schools, and have gained quite the following. Our project has been tailored to offer development opportunities to youth members and our director that are not available in Australia. Organising a tour of this magnitude is an enormous expense for our young members, and so we are fundraising in order to get them to Europe. Our tour will begin in late June 2020, and we will arrive back in Australia (hopefully with a gold medal!) in mid-July 2020.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime. We are delighted to support members to participate and grow. For many, it will be the first time they have travelled internationally (or even at all). The opportunity for personal growth and learning that this tour provides is huge. A number of our members are from lower socio-economic backgrounds and assistance with tour costs will be invaluable.

As part of our trip, we will participate in workshops with various professional choral groups in Europe, Vienna Boys Choir, and each of our members will build their skills in order to share them upon return. In addition, four of our members are currently music teachers in the local education district. These teachers are extremely excited to be able to share their knowledge on return within their networks – which extend to other state-wide and national music education groups. Approximately 1,000 local school students per year could be directly impacted by the skills gained. And of course, we are going to the International Youth Music Festival to give our best for Australia!

Any donations gratefully received will be shared equally between all members attending the 2020 AboutFACE European Tour. We hope that this project will up skill About FACE so that we can continue influencing Australia’s regional music scene.

Please check out our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/aboutfacechoir/) and our YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT4GCmi9V034EZTemoIN71g) to see us in action and find out more information.


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About FACE is a youth choir located in Western Australia’s Great Southern region. It was formed in 2013 after our director, Sue Findlay, noticed the gap between school choir and the adult choirs. Being a highly involved member of the Great Southern music community she took on the challenge of finding, developing and touring a dynamic group of individuals.

In About FACE our focus is to have fun while constantly learning and developing in order to provide local communities with the joy of live performances.

Since forming in 2013 we have:
-Performed 6 large concerts in our local community.
– Organised many fundraising concerts in support of varied causes from our local schools to the Watoto orphanage in Uganda.
– Regularly supported other community groups in their projects and have completed 4 tours of the Great Southern region visiting 20 schools from Kojonup to Esperence.
– Run annual open rehearsals to build the confidence and skills of local youth.

Most importantly, About FACE has provided the opportunity to learn, build friendships and become actively involved in our communities.


Peter Watson MLA