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Austinmer Dance Theatre take their latest production CONNECT to the road this September for the 2018 Melbourne Fringe Festival! We are thrilled to be performing under the DANCEHOUSE umbrella and seek funds to share our art with Melbourne.

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Funds raised will contribute directly to financing Austinmer Dance Theatre’s venue costs for the Melbourne Fringe Festival in September. Austinmer Dance Theatre is a Wollongong based dance company which creates opportunities for young dance artists. Australian dance is a competitive industry and Austinmer Dance creates a haven where individuals are valued and collaboration is paramount.

CONNECT brings together the creative works of three life long friends bound together through their chosen art form and unrivalled friendship. Featuring the work of Company Patron – Maurice Causey, Ashley Wright and Artistic Director Michelle Forte, audiences will be exposed to three unique pieces, all pushing the boundaries of contemporary dance. The dancers use their athleticism, expression, voice and personal experience to bring CONNECT to life. This production will reach out to a diverse range of audience members through it’s emotionally evocative content and exploration of human experience.

This opportunity is critical for our local company dancers as so often dancers are forced to seek opportunities overseas. Those wishing to remain in Australia face a fight for survival sacrificing stability for the love of their art form. Austinmer Dance Theatre Director Michelle Forte has established a unique dance environment unlike any other in Australia. It is an uphill battle to establish one self in the Australian dance scene and the company is honoured to be invited to perform at Dancehouse, one of the most highly sort after venues in Melbourne.

The acclaim which is associated with the venue will assist in establishing Austinmer Dance Theatre as a contender in the Australian contemporary dance scene. With current funding the company functions on a part time basis meaning that the dancers involved are required to support themselves through a variety of other means. Without these donations it will not be possible to make this a reality.

Austinmer Dance Theatre is a young company of dancers, between 17-25 years of age, who thrive on doing their best and creating art works that people connect with. They have performed their most recent show CONNECT for Wollongong audiences and can’t wait to share it with Melbourne. The Melbourne Fringe Festival is a nationally acclaimed festival which will not only provide a platform for the companies future endeavours but also allow them to continue their artistic development by engaging with works from all kinds of creators.

The donations will be used to pay for the Dancehouse venue which is a total of $3000. This money will cover costs associated with bringing a production to stage including lighting technicians, stage managers and rehearsal time. This performance opportunity will be fundamental in expanding our horizons generating artistic relationships and leading to further development of Austinmer Dance Theatre.

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Austinmer Dance Theatre is a non-profit youth based dance company from Wollongong. Director Michelle Forte founded the company in 2011 with the goal of bridging the gap between full time dance training and a professional career. Since its inception the company has grown with each passing year, bringing dance to local communities and creating opportunities for young artists through our apprentice and workshop programs. In 2018 we hosted 2 international guest artists to choreograph and share their expertise.

This year the company is thrilled to be nominated an Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Youth Dance for UNREAL. Looking to the future, the company is excited to perform at the renowned Melbourne Fringe Festival for the first time in September. Melbourne Fridge is described as “the most adventurous inclusive all compassing multi-art form festival in Australia”. As theatres are very expensive we have been approaching a range of venues and are delighted to have been offered the opportunity to perform at Melbourne’s prestigious dance venue DanceHouse. In order to perform at DanceHouse we need to raise $2,000 to cover all costs. Please consider our endeavour and donate in order to make this opportunity real.


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