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Hand2Hand Incentive is an annual incentive supporting circus artists to present new and risky ideas on stage. It’s a $2K cash advance to a random recipient with a creative itch to scratch.

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Hand2Hand is funding experimental new work which do not easily fit existing grant processes or are otherwise unable to fund a work themselves. Successful applicants will be chosen at random and will receive $2k advance or to use towards a presentation.

We aim for artists to “hand” back the funds to the Hand2Hand Incentive to be recycled by another artist in the next round in 2020. Thus, creating a creative “seed” to grow and pass on in a virtuous circle from artist to artist.

We have enough funds to seed x5 projects in 2019. Each seed has been donated by small independent companies.

We have had an over whelming response by individuals how want to contribute but don’t have enough to create an entire seed… ACF provides such a platform.

Your donation to Hand2Hand will contribute to our 6th seed “Super Seed” which will go out into circulation when it reaches target.

For more information please visit our website.

Funding art is often a difficult thing to navigate. We have created Hand2Hand to hopefully ease the process.

Your dontaion will help create a circle of support to create new work for a very long time.

The long term goal is to eventually grow to seed 10 projects every round. We believe in Australian independent arts and realise the growth our circus industry comes from support, community and fierce competition.

The Super Seed was encouraged and created by a colleague wanting to support the Incentive. It is a celebration and a wonderful symbol of support and comradery from our community.

Where ever you are in your artistic career we hope you will get on board with Hand2Hand.

We encourage you to submit an application to create or donate a small amount to help create a new work.

With so much instability in the arts we hope that this will be a stable platform for the development of the Aussie circus sector.


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Circus Trick Tease debuted in 2008 at the Melbourne Fringe, winning the ACAPTA and the Peoples Choice Awards. Growing from strength to strength touring nationally with sell out seasons and internationally in 2011 – 2014. Performances include the London National Theatre, a smash of cabarets attended by Mick Jagger, before dazzling the Scots at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with rave reviews.

Other work includes ‘Straya in 2014 with support from Arts Vic and Can’t Face in 2017 winning 3 awards in it’s debut season. The company has since turned their focus to Children’s Theatre and made the smash hit Children Are Stinky which has gone onto win 6 awards and non stop touring. With 2 shows set for development in 2020 the company is growing fast.

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