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GreenScreen Film Fest is not just another film festival. Our online platform encourages filmmakers of all ages and abilities to tell their story and showcase their creativity.

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GreenScreen film fest is an online film festival that sends out challenges to the local, interstate and international community to make short entertaining, compelling creations using Green Screen technology. It allows creators to travel to anywhere in the world without leaving the loungeroom.
Each Festival will have a theme – “A moment of light in the dark” is our inaugural Festival. Finalists are selected by high profile industry professionals and will be premiered during our online awards show.

GreenScreen Film Fest (GSFF) is established to be a not for profit organisation in the arts sector with the purpose of advancing filmmaking in the community. Our brief is to promote opportunities for creativity, community connection, diversity & mental health.

Our GSFF social conscience is dedicated to:

  • FOSTERING INCLUSIVITY via initiatives to ignite young creatives and to encourage diversity of participation.
  • CULTURAL ACTIVATION by encouraging Government and other groups to use our festival to develop cultural precincts and engage the local community.
  • GIVING BACK to the arts sector by promoting and championing causes that matter and make a difference to creatives.
  • AN ACCESSIBLE PLATORM for local Australian and international filmmakers to showcase their artistic flair in making their own film. Our GSFF will be the conduit to a global audience and stage.

Our GreenScreen Film Festival provides a platform and conduit for story telling – be it reading a poem with changing landscapes behind them on a greenscreen, a music video that breathes life and visuality into a song, a chaotic and surreal dream or a handmade cartoon bought to life. Our short film festival will provide opportunities for people of all ages in the community to join us on a journey into imagination to engage, create and reconnect.

We are looking for like-minded supporters of the Arts industry to invest not just in our festival with seed funding but to help us reboot and pivot the short-film making industry in Australia. As we grow we will take you on our journey into the magical world of film where only an imagination is the limit. The GreenScreen Film Fest will provide a pathway, a place to discover, to feel part of something exciting and new. It is an opportunity that will have ongoing inherent benefits, social engagement and we envisage it to be one of the parts of the cultural recovery of our States.

Our vision is that our online, technology-driven film platform can promote and support the Australian Arts sector, connect the local community and be part of a thriving and innovative community to live, work, visit and do business in. The Festival will support community connection, arts & culture.

Visit for entry details, filmmaker tools and tutorials, and in-depth information on the Festival.

GreenScreen Film Fest is not just another film festival. We want create a new space for all filmmakers to thrive. Our festival is dedicated to becoming a conduit for talent in an industry that is changing more rapidly than ever.

Centred on the simple fun and joy of a technology as old as the special effects industry itself. Our Filmmakers have the opportunity to explore their creativity that doesn’t involve the expense and complication of locational shoots. Parents can provide their children a new challenge that is creative, fun, educational – one that opens up a world of special effects and computer editing. Those in isolation and those technically minded will embrace the ease with which they can create something dynamic and filmic, despite being limited by current restrictions.

With hubs in Sydney and Perth, the festival aims to provide an accessible platform for local Australian and international filmmakers to showcase their artistic flair in making their own film.

Our GSFF will be the conduit to a global audience and stage.

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