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Artist Residency in New York

Artist Jasmine Grace has been given the wonderful opportunity of participating in Artist Residency – STEAMplant, at PRATT Institute in New York this year, in which she will develop a new interdisciplinary work.

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Artist Jasmine Grace’s STEAMplant residency collaboration with designer/architect Che-Wei Wang and electrical engineer Professor, Dr. Charles Rubenstein is the production of an interactive, public art installation that will translate peoples breath into a multi-sensory experience using light, sound and movement. This experiential work seeks to explore how particular breathing rhythms can impact ones emotional state. As participants blow into a sensor, a visual and musical symphony will be created through a large scale luminous pin wheel, encouraging people to look both outwards & inwards to encounter the effects of their breath in an enlightening mind body experience.

The aim of the residency is to produce a new work that incorporates the disciplines of Science, Technology, Art, Engineering and Maths. This residency will take place in New York from Feb to August 2019 and the finished work will be displayed at Pratt Institute and accessible to broad audience of students and general public.

This is a timely opportunity for you to support an emerging Australian artist, in the next big step in her career. This international residency is an incredible opportunity for Jasmine to develop a new work that will equip her for building a more interdisciplinary practice and expand her audience on a wider scale. Working with experts in the fields of design, technology, electrical engineering and science will help to further develop her craft in areas that are strongly linked to the future direction of her practice; as she learns how to produce more technological, electronic and interactive based works using light and sound. Additionally, making valuable international contacts and networks in the industry during her time in New York, will provide a platform for future transnational exhibitions and collaborative opportunities that share this unique creative exploration with Australian artists and audiences. The ability to reproduce and expand the work created in residency, will also allow potential for future installations to be extended to Australian audiences.

Jasmine is asking for $3000 to help support her in the residency program. She has already received substantial funding towards the development of the work, however she will also need this additional amount in order to produce a full realised and installed concept.

Generous donations will go towards the production/material costs of the work in which $3000 is needed. However, if you are feeling extra generous any additional funding beyond this will go towards the Artists wages, which would be incredibly appreciated.

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Jasmine Grace is an emerging installation artist raised in Melbourne. She has recently completed her Masters of Arts (In public space) at RMIT University in 2017, with a seven year background in Visual Merchandising. Jasmine Grace’s wondersome installations are driven by her interests in atmosphere, sensory immersion, embodied experience, social engagement and affect. Working with the mediums of light, sound, colour and scale, in three dimensional form, are a prominent focus in her public practice. Jasmine’s artworks act as interventions in the use and transformation of spaces, creating shifts in atmosphere that cultivate impactful personal encounters, on a social and emotional level. Jasmine enjoys disrupting everyday life and encouraging her audience to be present in the moment. Her holistic approach allows people the opportunity to engage in a creative experience that often acts as a stimulant in the recalibration of one’s state of being.

Her most recent commissions include; ‘Horizons’, a site specific light installation for White Night Geelong, 2018. Alongside, ‘Harmony Tree’ a harmonious soundscape installation for the City of Greater Dandenong in 2017/2018.

For further info on Bio visit: https://www.jasmine-grace.com/


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