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Glasshouse/Stonehouse Residency, France (ADAM LEE)

Glasshouse/Stonehouse is a six week artist residency in Chenaud, France providing accommodation and studio facilities, arts networking opportunities in London, and an exhibition in Melbourne.

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I have been selected as the inaugural artist for the Glasshouse/Stonehouse residency in Chenaud, France for 2017. The residency is scheduled for July/August, 2017 and is an opportunity for an Australian artist to experience living and working in France, culminating in an exhibition at Gertrude Glasshouse, Melbourne in 2018.

I plan to use the time to make a large series of watercolour works, taking advantage of local handmade paper mills in the area, as well as exploring local villages, including ancient church sites and museums. I will also make use of arts networking opportunities in London made available to me through the residency. The work developed as a result of the residency experience will be presented back in Melbourne through the Gertrude Glasshouse exhibition.

This project is important as it provides an Australian artist with the opportunity to experience living and working in a European context and develop new work which will be exhibited back in Australia. It is a rare opportunity to develop a new body of artworks by responding to new environments and connecting with arts networks in London as well as France. Importantly in this sense it also helps foster a dialogue between Australian and European arts contexts.

Having already secured accommodation and studio facilities, this appeal is for funds to cover international travel costs and living expenses in France, accommodation in London, art supplies to facilitate new work during the residency, and some freight costs of artworks back to Melbourne.

Donations will be used directly toward covering these expenses to enable the residency and exhibition to take place.


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Adam Lee is an Australian artist working from his country studio at the foothills of the Macedon Ranges just outside of Melbourne, Australia.

His practice focuses on a re-interpretation of painting and drawing traditions and references a wide range of sources, incorporating biblical narratives, natural history, historical and colonial documentary photography, contemporary music and film, and varying literary sources. Employing new evaluations of landscape painting and old world portraiture Lee investigates humanity’s interface with the environment of the natural world and its relationship to ideas of a timeless zone of the divine.

His work has been included in numerous solo and group presentations in Australia and overseas, as well as being selected for a range of Australian art prizes. Adam is represented by STATION (Australia), Angell Gallery (Canada) and BEERS LONDON (United Kingdom).


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