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Gibidem Your Style! – Arts Access and Participation Program for Kimberley Communities

Marrugeku will deliver an Arts Access and Participation Program to Kimberley communities which promotes story telling through dance and theatre to identify the forms that give voice to local issues.

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In 2016, Marrugeku will fulfill a long held ambition to invest in Kimberley audiences by presenting Gudirr Gudirr, an internationally acclaimed production, in remote towns and communities throughout the region. Gudirr Gudirr is an intimate solo dance and video work performed by Broome artist Dalisa Pigram. By turns hesitant, restless, resiliant and angry, Gudirr Gudirr lights a path from a broken past through a fragile present and on to a future still in the making. Gudirr Gudirr considers the legacy of Australia’s history for Aboriginal people in northwest Australia today and asks: what does it take to decolonise Aboriginal people’s minds, to unlock doors and to face cultural change?

Incorporated into the tour is an Arts Access and Participation Program entitled Gibidem Your Style!. In conjunction with Kimberley communities, Marrugeku has devised a creative workshop program which aims to develop and share skills by telling stories through dance and theatre based on issues featured in Gudirr Gudirr such as industrialisation occurring on traditional lands, the loss of language, and major gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous wellbeing as well as important local issues identified by community participants.

Artists from Marrugeku will offer a series of workshops tailored to specific groups in each community. Workshops will include movement, storytelling and multi-media processes aimed at identifying the forms that give voice to remote towns and communities. Workshop performances and instruction will enable community members to observe and learn methods that will later be used to develop and deliver local stories.

Despite the workshops comprising a vital component of Marrugeku’s work, declining government funding and community revenue render them unaffordable unless support is gained from other sources. Marrugeku has received partial funding from Regional Arts Fund (WA) to support the project and we are now seeking the balance of funds to bring Gibidem – Your Style! to fruition.

Your donation will go towards supporting the Gibidem Your Style! Arts Access and Participation Program. Your generosity will help us to deliver this program in remote Kimberley communities and give local issues and stories a voice.

Marrugeku considers this Arts Access and Participation Program and its partnership activity to be a culturally appropriate medium through which the company can share its knowledge in making innovative contemporary intercultural dance theatre with communities in remote Western Australia. Marrugeku also views the project as an important opportunity to showcase potential career pathways to community residents in the Kimberley region who may aspire to work in the performing arts.

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Marrugeku makes innovative intercultural dance theatre from the northwest Australian experience: where desert meets sea, Australia meets Asia and where cultures twine, fuse and morph. The company is currently under the artistic direction of Dalisa Pigram and Rachael Swain.

Marrugeku is proud to create its contemporary productions in the traditional homelands of the Yawuru people in the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia. Drawing from the lives of people and communities living in northwest Australia, Marrugeku share the memories and traditions of Indigenous culture and experience through contemporary dance-theatre.

Productions have included ‘Mimi’ (1996); ‘Crying Baby’ (2001); the dance, film and karaoke work ‘Burning Daylight’ (2006); the youth production ‘Buru’ (2010); the multi-lingual dance and video solo ‘Gudirr Gudirr’ (2013); and most recently the meditation on humanity’s frailty in the face of its actions ‘Cut The Sky’ (2015). These productions have toured throughout remote and urban Australia, throughout Europe and across The Americas, Asia and The Pacific.

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