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Get Her Outta Here

Get Her Outta Here at 107 scripts a darkly raw comedic style performance. Red Lady offers up a delicacy of heightened responses to situations she finds herself in, with the thread of human survival and worth throughout.

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‘Get Her Outta Here’ is a one-woman theatre performance written, directed and produced by Australian born artist Isabella Broccolini (aka Isabella Tannock). The independent production will be staged April 19th, 20th, 21st 2018 at 107 Projects in Redfern. My project is a passion project, to stimulate society for more diverse voices and pump fresh blood into the independent art scene in Sydney. In particular focusing on bringing women together to create and work with each other. I have been writing and creating this project since October 2017.

‘Get Her Outta Here’ is about identity, expressing ones true self, identifying ones worth and survival in this world. The work demonstrates a commitment to questioning and challenging audiences through an inventive use of dramatic elements. Drawing on techniques of post-dramatic theatre, storytelling, theatre of the absurd and physical theatre. I am looking for arts focused individuals, groups and organisations to donate what they can to this debut piece of theatre, as it presents the potential to further cross-disciplinary art making in contemporary Australia, questioning both the ideological structures of theatre and contemporary everyday life.

‘Get Her Outta Here’ delves into the dark sides of what it means to be female. Delivered to the viewer as a raw comedic narrative, exploring both the visual art and theatre sectors. As a theatre practitioner and visual artist it is my duty to maintain a sense of confrontation and challenge to what we believe is the norm, posing questions about the taboos and shame we have around emotion, sex and what it is to be female in today’s world.

The funds donated will go towards every bit of this show being possible. Reaching audiences who crave this and others who aren’t even aware how far it can go.

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Isabella Broccolini born 1990 in Brisbane, Australia, lives and works between London, UK and Sydney, Australia. Primarily a performance artist, she considers herself a theatre maker and writer, known for her work in the Brisbane and Sydney Theatre/Film Industries as actor, Isabella Tannock. Isabella has trained and worked in the visual and performing arts for over 7 years. Her mission is to create gutsy self-devised theatre of the female effect.


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