Gertrude Street Projection Festival

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Gertrude Street Projection Festival

The Gertrude Street Projection Festival is a free, volunteer-run, outdoor projection art festival that celebrates community and exhibits new media.

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For ten nights in July, Gertrude St, Fitzroy bursts with projection art and culture and changes one of Melbourne’s most iconic streets into a free, large scale illuminated outdoor art gallery.

2017 celebrates the festival’s 10th anniversary!

It’s much more than an art show, it brings together the unique talents of over 30 artists in the emerging practice of projection art and actively brings together the communities of our diverse neighbourhood.

Projection collaborations with community groups, public housing tenants, refugees, our Indigenous community, local traders and broader community creates a street of community celebration and light art and installations.

The festival is important for the development of a new art, for a richer and more cohesive community and for the celebration of diversity.

We provide a mentorship program that brings together a new media arts form with emerging artists – providing a rich and diverse energy rarely seen in the arts festival space. It uses site specific installations within the architecture of the street – some of which dates back over 150 years – and for two weeks reinvents the streetscape.

The Festival also focuses on community, bringing together many groups which co-exist but don’t always co-habitat. It allows people to mingle and learn. Visitors to the festival can wander the grounds of the public housing estate and the Indigenous community centre, providing insight for all and breaking down misconceptions.

All donations will be used to access or buy projectors and technical equipment and materials or to run the emerging artists workshops to develop their artistic works that are projected during the festival. These projections can be both large scale and small scale but are all unique.


Celebrating our 10th year, this volunteer run festival brings together the local community, local traders, public housing groups and indigenous community together for a celebration of community and art.

The 10th Anniversary of the free outdoor Gertrude Street Projection Festival invites everyone to view and experience projection artists glimpses for and of the future. For ten nights over winter, Gertrude Street becomes an outdoor, 1 km long projection art event that explores the social, political and environmental epoch of our times.

From 21 – 30 July, 2017 you’ll be in an immersive, interactive and enchanting experience that ignites our collective social imaginary to explore the possibilities of multiple futures…there are no limits as we unfurl the future.


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