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Gardenesque combines historical research into aspects of heritage, history, printmaking and drawing. Explored through Botany and Chemistry, and stylistic aspects of the Art Deco era..

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The work I have engaging in has been developing along two distinct lines, Science and Art. The integration of Botanical knowledge and the medium and techniques of printmaking. Gardenesque project allows for the further integration of creative aspect which I have kept as individual entities. History, heritage, chemistry, Botany, printmaking, ink drawing, and tonal drawing techniques. Evolving beyond a botanical interpreter. On the completion of a 12 month research and development of this project a body of Botanical print works and drawings will be exhibited in September 2020 at the National Trusts Property Everglades Historic House and Garden .

The combination historical research investigation into various aspects of heritage printmaking and drawing, and the application of the investigations to the body of work with a focus on the Botanical Landscape. Using heritage printing presses and equipment to produce print works from 4 traditional printmaking techniques Etching, Dry point, Block, and Letterpress and contrasting against traditional botanical drawing techniques of ink /nib/quill drawing with recreating drawing inks formulas and contrasting the ink illustrative works against the tonal techniques of graphite and the historical drawing technique of metal point. Combining scientific knowledge in the fields of Chemistry and Botany, enabling the recreation of the historical ink formulas from descriptive manuals from the 1890s, detailed research into the plants, allowing to construct a landscape of history, heritage through flowers and plants.

I am seeking support for this project to enable the development and creation of 60 art works. All donation will be used in the purchase of materials and equipment for the creation of the works to be exhibited over a three week period in September 2020 at The Everglades Historic House and Garden Leura NSW..

Regular updates on the progress of the project will be posted on Facebook http:\\\kimbagotbotanicalsbydesign over the next 12 months.

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I am a printmaker / artist living and working in regional NSW. My passion is plants and the Scientific interpretation of them is a print making medium.