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Taival Films, Future Creatives Initiative aims to close the gender gap, offering a seat at the table for women in the Australian film industry by providing a platform to create and share their stories.

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The Future Creatives Initiative is a campaign that aims to discover the next up-and-coming women screenwriter and filmmakers in Victoria, to develop their screenwriting and filmmaking skills and create one story into a film with Taival Films.

Pre-production has begun for the coming-of-age short film “Stalling” written by Nic James, the winner of the Initiatives ‘Emerging Screenwriter Award 2019’, and Taival Films is raising funds to be able to bring this story to life on screen with an amazing crew lead by women. One of the biggest problems we are facing as women, is that there are not enough women in key creatives roles in the film industry and we want to help change that. Our solution at Taival Films is to help and empower other women in the industry to succeed and find the next generation of women filmmakers in Victoria.

Taival Films created the Future Creatives Initiative because there are simply not enough women in key creative roles in the film industry. For example, according to Screen Australia, only 21% of Australian Screenwriters are women. We know this percentage would be greater if women were more often granted a seat at the table amongst men, as equals. Lack of opportunity in production and exhibition is a known factor in this imbalance. Yet, at the same time, there is a high demand within the community for greater access to women’s stories on screen.

Supporting us is remarkable opportunity to be aligned with an initiative devoted to the promotion of gender equality in the screen and cultural industries. Not only that, but you will also be a big part of the process of giving women the rare opportunity to take their first step in film industry. Taival films is asking for support from you, to be able to give these women the opportunity to create a film and tell a story worth being told.

All donations will be put towards the budget of the film in the means of catering, production design, talent costs, location permits and in a best case scenario, also paying all of the wonderful (at the moment) volunteer crew members for their outstanding contribution to bringing this story to life of screen. We envision a final product festival worthy shot film, that portrays a strong female protagonist, and works as a vehicle for all female crew members tog get their foot in the door in the Australian film industry.

To find out more about the Future Creatives Initiative and keep up to date with production and our next steps you can head to the Future Creatives Initiative website: www.futurecreativesinitiative.com or follow us on social media with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

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Taival. In Finnish, it means ‘journey’ and for us that created Taival Films, it’s an extension of the personal journeys we have been on that has brought us to here and now.

Taival Films is extremely passionate about finding the balance in equality in the Australian Film Industry and creating the Future Creatives Initiative is our way doing our part for closing the equality gab, for women.

We advocate for Australian storytelling with the focus on supporting local communities and crew, and although supporting women in our industry is our commitment. we believe that the best way to support equality, is by giving everyone a fair go.


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