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Fundraising for Labour History

This project seeks to raise funds for the publication of Labour History: a journal of Labour and Social History.

Days Left

This campaign will enable the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History to continue to publish a journal, which has appeared twice yearly since 1962. The journal publishes histories of the working class and labour movement in Australia and our region.

The November 2017 issue, for example, carried articles on indentured labour, a largely unexamined aspect of both historical and contemporary work. Understanding its role is essential to our knowledge of the modern labour force and its experience and exploitation.

The journal continually strives to challenge and educate. Your support will help us to continue that tradition.

For more information on the journal and the Society, please visit our website:

The money raised from this campaign will pay for the printing and distribution of Issue #115 of the journal and will support the employment of our Journal Manager.

The Australian Society for the Study of Labour History produces and promotes radical and working class history. The Society was founded in 1961 to study “the working class situation … and social history in the fullest sense”. It encourages teaching and research, publishes the journal Labour History, and assists in the preservation of the records of working people and the labour movement.


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