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From Australia: An Accumulation

Recently there has been a much-needed re-evaluation of Australian history and the legacies of colonialism. One of the ways this can be addressed is through artwork and printmaking.

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‘From Australia: An Accumulation’ is a touring exhibition commencing at the Latrobe Regional Gallery in May 2021.

In 2020 and at the 250th Anniversary of the Pacific voyages of Captain James Cook, it feels essential to revisit what ‘From Australia’ looks like now. The exhibition builds on and extends the trajectory of re-evaluating Australian history by creating a responsive set of artworks that considers Australian identity through a commissioned portfolio of prints and a series of community-based and public drawing and printmaking workshops.

We are commissioning the content for this exhibition and portfolio through upcoming workshops over the next 6 months. To generate the content for this exhibition we have drawn together the principle attributes of project lead Trent Walter’s collaborative print practice:
• working with individual artists
• working with artists groups and collectives
• running community-based printmaking workshops with diverse and marginalised communities.

And we need your help today to pay the individual artists and artist collectives that are contributing their time for the development of their creative work. By donating today, you can help us support eight artists to develop new work for this project.

The development of this project has been enabled thanks to key partners and funders including Australia Council for the Arts, Creative Victoria and NETS Victoria. But we need your help to bring it to life.

We need your help to raise $16,000 in artist fees. Please donate today!

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Trent Walter is one of Australia’s leading master printers and is interested in the intersection between printed matter and contemporary art. Walter’s collaborations take the form of artists’ books, print series and, increasingly, workshops that explore the social aspects of printmaking practice.

Together with Brook Andrew, Walter was commissioned by the City of Melbourne to create a permanent, public artwork commemorating the lives and the public execution of Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner. The pair were also joint recipients of a Georges Mora Fellowship in 2013-14.

Walter’s imprint, Negative Press, is a laboratory where printmaking’s inherent trait of mechanical reproduction, notions of the copy and complex relations to authorship are explored, participating in international dialogues regarding collaboration, materiality and representation.

Prints and artists’ books published and produced by Negative Press are in public collections including Metropolitan Museum of Art, National Gallery of Australia, National Gallery of Victoria and Monash University Museum of Art, and private collections in Australia and New Zealand. Walter is currently a PhD candidate in Fine Art at Monash University Art Design and Architecture.


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