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Foldback Magazine 2020

Foldback Magazine is fundraising survival for 2020! We need your help to cover a few essential overheads to continue to support and promote the Northern Territory’s unique and incredible music industry and its artists!

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Foldback Magazine is a grass roots digital publication dedicated to the promotion of the NT music industry.

Our volunteer photographers & writers cover events across the NT to provide a high-quality body of work including gig photography, reviews, music news & more. They ensure NT based artists have a strong online presence & the NT is recognised for its incredible & unique talent & creativity.

Foldback has very low overheads but we cannot operate without a few core operational needs.

We are on a strong pathway to developing a sustainable business model but it’s a big journey & we need your help!

Your valuable donation will see Foldback bring you the best coverage of the NT’s live music scene & help Foldback promote NT artists locally & nationally.

Our target of $5000 will see Foldback through 2020 on the core essentials while we continue to develop this small creative arts media organisation towards a sustainable future.

Despite the challenges NT musicians face (remoteness, limited venues, smaller audiences, higher costs to everything) NT artists are enriching the cultural & social experience of all of us here, locals & tourists alike.

To grow audiences, it helps to have a body of performance coverage online. This can feel pretty unattainable when juggling the realities of trying to make a living from music & the high cost & low availability of getting professional photographers at your shows. If you’re a performing artist in the NT, Foldback has your back!

Take it from the artists:
“Excellent photos, excellent people. The crew in Foldback go above & beyond in capturing top quality snaps of Territorians in their element. I’m forever using their photos for my personal & band social media. I’ll never stop loving Foldback Magazine, keep up the good work you mob!” Jaxon De Santis

“Incredible work, can’t thank Steve & the team enough for the constant support & work into the scene!” Kaotik

“A huge supporter of NT music scene. Great mag & great people” Dave Crowe

Your donations will be spent over 2020 on:
1. Core essential operating costs $4500 – insurance, governance fees, a software contribution & website costs – The overheads that we can’t operate without BUT equally critical is
2. Volunteer LOVE budget $500 – It is so important that we can reimburse volunteers for out of pocket costs like fuel to get to remote gigs & to be able to come together once in a while for team building & to say thanks to all our vollies.

In 2020 we have an ambitious agenda aiming to increase sustainability & audience, seek new contributors from across the NT, promote the NT music scene locally & nationally AND produce our 2nd annual digital edition.

You can be a part of this.

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Foldback Magazine is a grass roots digital publication based in the NT and dedicated to the promotion of the NT music industry.
Our dedicated team of volunteer photographers, videographers and community music journalists cover a vast range of events across the Northern Territory, working closely with artists, venues and event producers to share positive stories of the unique talent and creativity of the NT.

Foldback provides a high quality body of work including gig photography, gig reviews, album reviews, music news, video highlights and more that ensure NT artists have a strong online presence for the promotion of their music and contributes to the promotion of the Northern Territory as the home of the incredible and unique talent and creativity that it is.

Foldback Magazine is recognised as the key source of high quality and consistent photographic coverage of music events, with a strong and growing dedicated online following.


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