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Flow is an immersive multimedia project celebrating the waterways of Melbourne’s western suburbs and their meaning to the local community led by artists Ana Rita Pires and Christie Widiarto.

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Flow intends to be a project that initiates and bridges conversations around the theme of water and the western suburbs waterways.

The project will feature a projected animated mural representing gathered stories of our waterways and a soundscape, as well as an interactive activation allowing participants to further explore the theme of flow. These will take place at the Creative Containers along the Maribyrnong River in Footscray.

Prior to the festival, there will be a series of community workshops run by visual artist Ana Rita Pires exploring all things water and building imagery to feed into Christie Widiartos final animated mural. There will be further workshop activations during the festival allowing festival attendees and community members to contribute to the ongoing flow of the project.

Funds will go towards running our workshops and building our final Installation.
July – September : Research and story collection; August – September : Workshops
October : Soundscape and Animation development ;15 – 24 November : Due West

With the recent contamination of Stony Creek from the West Footscray factory fire, local residents lost a safe place to fish, bring their families and dogs. This led us to reflect on the importance of the waterways of the west and our connection to them.

The connection to our waterways are essential for our well being and making work about this theme seems like a natural and necessary thing to do. We consider these waterways as an extension to ourselves, literally and metaphorically, and believe in the importance of having serious conversations through an arts lens. This project is a celebration of those conversations and stories. With the gentrification of the inner west, this project also provides a platform for new and old residents to come together to share their knowledge of the local waterways. New residents to the area will have a space to learn about the importance of the waterways that surround them, be a part of their ongoing story and flow.

All donations will be used for essential materials, resources and time to create and run these workshops and create the final installation; to conduct research into historical and Indigenous stories of the waterways by Hannah Morphy Walsh and create a soundscape piece for the installation.

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If you’re keen to participate on our online imagery archive #FLOWest2019

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I’m a multimedia artist, working primarily in animation. Often my work is collaborative with other artists and community members. Most recently, my work is based in the western suburbs of Melbourne. My intention as an artist is to create work that sheds light on untold stories, explores new interactions and shed light on current issues.


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