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Filter My Prejudice

This is a public art project that that uses photography and sound to explore the psychology of prejudice and take the form of a poster campaign. Filter My Prejudice has been selected to be in Next Wave Festival 2020.

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I am an Australian Indian artist creating cross cultural stories that my audience can participate in. I have been a practising artist for over 10 years and haveexhibited in galleries and festivals around Australia and internationally.

Filter My Prejudice is a campaign of posters inspired by the vibrance Bollywood, but with the message of a anti-discrimination campaign. A QR code on each poster will link to online sound works that the viewer can listen to, reminiscent of guided meditations but in a playful way.

This is an important and timely project that is speaking to the general public, progressive arts communities and culturally and linguistically diverse communities (CALD), with a particular focus on the Indian community.

Filter my prejudice’ asks the question, ‘what do we as individuals contribute to the culture of discrimination in Australian society’?

This project is important as we all share certain aspects of the human condition that this work intends to address. The work specifically calls to attention the prejudices that might be unconsciously passed onto future generations.

Importantly, it encourages communities and their members to participate in broader national and international human rights campaigns that demand urgent action.

Your generous donation will support the production phase Dec ’19 – March ’20, and will be used to produce the poster campaign and the sound work. This includes the staged photograph of the poster images, the graphic design of the posters, the recording and sound design of the sound works, the printing and distribution of the posters. In doing so you will be supporting art that has an impact on community development through exposure to critical ideas in Australian cultural content.

You can find out more about my practice at

The images and videos are all examples of my previous work.

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I create cross-cultural narratives related to colonialism, feminism, power and social rituals. These stories feature alternate realities and fictional characters that blur the lines between fiction and reality to challenge established power structures, cultural norms, and notions of authenticity. By blending photography, video, sound, performance and installation I create immersive and participatory experiences.

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