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Field Theory EOFY Fundraiser

Assist Field Theory to deliver a bumper year of ambitious projects.

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Field Theory are having a mega year, with two public outcomes (watch this space post our Cafe Romantica marathon), a major creative development, and more. We have amazing support from funding and project partners, but without core funding (yet) the collective is always hoping to further resource these large-scale plans.

2018-19 will see us moving into new territory as a collective. With six artists collaborating together over multiple outcomes, the work gets expensive, and we face the constant tussle of how to best use secured funds. This campaign will assist us to ease the pressure, and enable us to focus on making our best possible work.

With several new outcomes in the pipeline, the best place to keep abreast of announcements as they’re made is via our social media pages and our website:
t: @_FieldTheory
We will be announcing new developments and outcomes over the next two months, we can’t wait to tell you all about what’s coming.


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Field Theory is a collective of Australian artists committed to making and supporting projects that cross disciplines, shift contexts and seek new strategies for engaging with the public sphere. Our work is a combination of making, performing, curating and producing that responds to the unique conditions of specific times and places.

We are passionate about collaborative processes and art that is embedded. We’re excited by methods of communication, time, change and unpredictable content. We believe in making things happen.

Our recent projects include a 3 day non-stop broadcast from an abandoned stadium and a podcast series about kids becoming art critics.

Since 2010 we’ve supported projects as diverse as the colour audit of a shopping centre and a soap opera about space. Through our award-winning program of site-responsive performance, Site Is Set, we’ve enabled artists to present work in many unusual sites, from speedways to abandoned museums.

Field Theory are: Jason Maling, Martyn Coutts, Lara Thoms, Jackson Castiglione, Anna Schoo, Sydney artist Sarah Rodigari and Strategist Rebecca Burden.