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Festival of the Wind 2017

The Festival of the Wind is the premier culture event for the South Coast Region of WA. Join us to celebrate our unique Esperance lifestyle with live entertainment, food, music, art, and sport.

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On the 16th – 19th March 2017, thousands of people will descend upon Esperance as the 20th anniversary of the Festival of the Wind will ignite the town in an extravaganza set to excite and enthrall.

With the backdrop of sun, sand and surf, the Festival offers up an assortment of events from live entertainment through local music, wearable art and kite masters, to locally produced cuisine, pirate beards and massive sand sculptures.

Community is everything, especially in regional areas. We experience life together, we celebrate together and the Festival of the Wind does this with fervour and fun..and we want you to be part of the magic!

Orchestrating such a diverse event takes time, resources and finances. With a strong volunteer committee dedicated to ensuring the Festival’s success, we are striving to guarantee the visiting performers and local talent are rewarded and to keep the majority of the Festival free for all to enjoy.

Big or small, every donation is valuable to us.

Your financial contribution will be utilised across a variety of events such as Underground, our Youth precinct containing parkour, and public art or Resonate, our music component showcasing the amazing local and visiting musicians.

By supporting the Festival of the Wind, you are investing in the future of community celebrations. Platforms for emerging musicians, opportunities for regional tours from professionals, vibrant exhibitions of local artists, avenues for educational discovery, skill building for youth and leadership development for volunteers are only a few of the benefits your donation will bring to Esperance.

Celebrate the Festival of the Wind with us!


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Festival of the Wind is the cultural event for the South Coast Region of WA and celebrates our unique Esperance lifestyle through live entertainment, food, music, art, sport and culture over three days from the evening of March 16-19.

As a not-for-profit organisation incorporated in 1997, our volunteer committee strive for a variety of distinct and colourful events that portray the myriad of talent and offerings in the region. From musician to mountains, or paddock to plate, the Festival is one of a kind and an incredible testament to community collaborations.

2017 will boast the 20th anniversary for the Festival of the Wind. It has developed a reputation for excellence in its inclusive community program, the presentation of new works and connecting the whole region with quality cultural experiences.