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The Adelaide Festival of Ideas (AFoI) has been Australia’s premier celebration of the power of ideas since 1999. This project will create a fully searchable on-line archive of audio recordings of sessions since then.

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Since 1999, the mission of the Adelaide Festival of Ideas (AFoI) has been to celebrate the life of the mind: big ideas, fresh thinking and innovation as the foundations of civil society, an informed and resilient democracy, a robust economy, and an authentic reflection of Adelaide’s culture in the local, national and international arenas.

In 2016 a revitalised and independently funded AFoI delivered a brilliant program of world-class thought leadership. Following this success the 2018 AFoI returned to its traditional July time-spot, delivering one of the most diverse programs yet. In order to maintain this momentum, the AFoI relies on the support of patrons, sponsors and the general public.

A key feature of the AFoI is that sessions are free to the public. Most have been recorded, representing a unique and rich source of material for students, researchers, journalists and other interested parties. We aim to create a fully searchable and freely accessible on-line archive of audio recordings of AFoI sessions.

Adelaide Festival of Ideas Inc. is a volunteer not-for-profit group committed to ensuring this brilliant event supports an active citizenry looking for an inclusive, sustainable future. The AFoI enjoys immense community support and prestige, not only for its content, but for its accessibility, organisation and inclusiveness. The Audio Archive Project will guarantee that the wealth of knowledge, informed opinion and debate that is a feature of the AFoI will become accessible long after the events themselves. This is a unique record of public discourse that would be impossible to match in any other environment. The AFoI runs entirely on the support of volunteers and patrons. Support for this project will allow us to employ staff with the appropriate skills to deliver a professional quality on-line resource whose value will far exceed its dollar worth.

Your support for the AFoI Audio Archive will enable us to:
• ensure that this unique resource is preserved, curated, and made freely accessible to the public;
• contribute to the on-going activities of the AFoI;
• help underpin the development and production of future AFoI events.

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Founded by Greg Mackie, the Adelaide Festival of Ideas began in 1999 and ran every two years until 2013. The Adelaide Festival of Ideas Association Incorporated has been formed to relaunch an annual Festival from 2016.

The Adelaide Festival of Ideas promotes intellectual debate across all domains of human activity, including, but not limited to, the sciences, technology, social sciences, humanities and arts.

A fundamental feature of the Festival is that most events are free of charge to the public, with the aim of attracting and engaging a diverse cross-section of the community as active citizens rather than paying customers.

The 2013 Festival attracted over 30,000 attendees. The relaunched Adelaide Festival of Ideas will build on this unique background to expand the range of public debate that is intelligent, edgy and engaging.