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A 3-day theatre event held at the Eternity Playhouse; creating invaluable opportunities for women artists across a myriad of disciplines and driving the industry closer to gender-parity and promoting cultural inclusion.

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WITS is an Australian gender equality collective made up of a volunteer committee of professional women. FESTIVAL FATALE is our 3-day theatre festival, aimed at addressing lack of gender parity in the theatre industry. The event will place women’s stories in the spotlight, with key focus on diversity and inclusion. Open to the general public, the 2016 festival was a huge success and received a tremendous response from artists, audiences and critics. Following the same structure with some improvements made, the 2018 festival will take place October 26th to 28th at the Eternity Playhouse, Darlinghurst.

According to WITS research, >70% of Australians who enter tertiary theatre training are women, <30% of plays produced are written or directed by women. In 2012, Australia Council’s Women in Theatre Report found that female theatre-makers around Australia were as scarce in the top jobs as they had been in 2002. In 2016, the Australian Writer’s Guild found that only 39% of all plays by an Australian writer were by women, down from 43% in 2014.

The evidence regarding women’s roles is compelling, and for diversity far worse. We need your help to educate opportunity providers that women are capable and eager to contribute in all areas of theatre, including writing, directing, designing and producing. FESTIVAL FATALE encourages theatre goers to see performance work by women, and reminds producers that equity matters to their audiences. We need $40-50k to do this event justice. We are volunteering $48k of our time to make it happen!

Donations will not be used to pay administration or organiser wages. All event management and strategy will be donated by members of the WITS committee and their appointed teams. Donations will only be used to cover the costs of executing the festival: production costs (costumes, set etc), rehearsal venue fees, tech equipment hire, marketing etc, with a very small stipend paid to each performer/artist to cover any out of pocket expenses. The result will be an incredible 3-day event showcasing 6-8 staged productions, 2-3 new play readings and a number of masterclasses and panel discussions, all open to both artists and general public. The 2016 festival lead to Darlinghurst Theatre Co implementing a gender parity policy in their programming, and 3 of the staged productions were offered full seasons elsewhere. To see our full pitch packet contact Tara at WITS: tara@wits.org.au or visit our website: www.wits.org.au.

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Women in Theatre & Screen (WITS) is an action group for gender parity and gender diversity in the Australian performing arts industry.

WITS believes in quotas and affirmative action in the pursuit of gender parity and gender diversity. WITS believes in diverse, complex, truthful representation of women and women’s stories. WITS recognises the unique struggles of women living at diverse intersections, including but not limited to women of diverse ethnicities, races, sexualities, gender identities, socio-economic backgrounds, religions, ages, body-types, abilities, and levels of education, and believes in an intersectional feminism. WITS affirms that women are strong, capable, talented and skilled. There is no shortage of quality women artists, rather there is a shortage of opportunities for them. WITS supports all women, but we do not speak for any. WITS fights for and provides spaces where women can speak for themselves. WITS believes in shining a light on individual and collective success in achieving equality and diversity. WITS supports rigorous critical discussion and public debate around fair and equal representation of women as it is essential to progress.


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