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False As A Beach follows Ursula, Gertrude and Ruby, three emancipated young women wiling away the hours as a halcyon apocalypse brings the world to a close.

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False As A Beach is the latest short film from emerging filmmaker Stephanie Jane Day, a Sydney writer and director known for her visually vibrant and philosophically challenging films. The short is the follow up to An Athlete Wrestling A Python, Stephanie’s luscious, feminine melodrama which had its world premiere at 2019’s Brisbane International Film Festival.

An artistic leap forward for Stephanie, False As A Beach follows Ursula, Gertrude and Ruby, three emancipated young women seemingly on permanent vacation. As the girls revel in bucolic idleness, trading philosophical musings and searching nonchalantly for a lost pearl earring, an astrological event brews; the end of the world imminent.

False As A Beach is an intensely feminine meditation on how we choose to live our lives. With the assistance of ACF donors and a small crew of passionate collaborators, the film is set to be shot on 16mm film in and around the South Coast and Southern Highlands in December of 2020.

While many artists have dealt with the vexing issue of the inevitable apocalypse, Stephanie’s unique perspective is notably absent from the Australian cinematic milieu. Her tranquil and feminine take on The End Of The World will not only ask existential questions of the audience, but represent women on screen in a way seldom seen in this country.

If you have the ability to make a tax deductible donation towards our A$15,000 crowdfunding goal, we would be forever grateful. This money will go towards the production of the film, including sourcing camera equipment, lighting equipment, film processing, props and costumes, plus food and accommodation for the many passionate, talented artists.

With your help, False As A Beach will hit the film festival circuit in early 2021. For more information, check out the False As A Beach treatment here


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Stephanie Jane Day is a writer and director with an extensive oeuvre of visually vibrant and philosophically challenging films. A graduate of both Australia’s National Film school and the Australian National University’s vaunted philosophy program, her idiosyncratic, highly stylised shorts have screened at festivals and galleries from Sydney to New Orleans and been called “haunting” (Pilerats) and “shamelessly wry” (Vice).

An Athlete Wrestling a Python is Stephanie’s most ambitious film to date, and sees her building on her philosophical tendencies and stylistic flair with a sharpened focus on realism underpinned by a beguiling meta-narrative.


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