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Extinction Rebellion Arts is an environmental activist group that has used creativity and art to increase public awareness of the climate emergency. We aim to create more flags, banners and sculptures.

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Extinction Rebellion Arts (XR Arts) uses art and creativity to awaken the public to the need for immediate action on the climate crisis. The visual impact of the flags, banners, sculptures and performances has raised the awareness and created a world wide movement. XR Arts in Victoria operates from a small studio in the inner city known as the Arts Factory. From there we create, distribute and provide support to XR groups across Victoria.

We hope to raise funds to support the ongoing work that is generated from the Arts Factory. During COVID restrictions this has included weekly online support classes and meetings and resources being made available to all the regional groups.

The project and arts factory benefits all regional and local XR groups working to make radical changes to prevent climate catastrophe. The project and the work we do will thereby benefit all of humanity.
We propose that the project will be spread over the next 12 months.

The latest Inter governmental panel for climate change (IPCC) report states that we need to act now to prevent catastrophic climate disaster. This work is therefore crucial to the survival of a habitable planet. We have a short window in which to act. XR Arts is an essential part of the most successful environmental action movement of the decade. This non violent movement uses creativity to awaken people from complacency.

We at XR Arts Victoria need support for rent and materials in order to continue our essential work. The donations will be used for rent on the North Fitzroy studio (The arts factory) and to purchase more materials such as silk screens, paints, fabric and poles.

With this support we will be able to continue the work and provide encouragement and inspiration to the wider movement.

More information about the work of extinction rebellion and the importance of the arts and creativity to the movement can be found at:



Extinction Rebellion Arts (XR Arts) is based at J Studios in Melbourne’s north.

From there the many XR groups across Victoria are provided with support and encouragement to create flags, banners, posters and sculpture to highlight the climate emergency.

The studio has provided a space where screen printing and stencilling workshops can be held and new ideas generated.


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