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Execution Island

A film detailing an eye witness account of the final hours leading up to the executions of the ‘Bali 9’ duo Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan on 29 April, 2015 which was the beginning of their incredible legacy.

Days Left

Three Kings Pictures have received support from Rev. Christie Buckingham – spiritual advisor to one of the ‘Bali 9 duo’, Myuran (Myu) Sukumaran, to make a film project on the legacy left by Myu and Andrew Chan, as told from her perspective.

Rev. Buckingham made a personal promise to Myu and Andrew to continue to keep their legacy alive to ensure they did not die in vain, and that eventually, we will see the abolishment of the death penalty.

We are seeking philanthropic support to create a narrative piece detailing how Rev. Buckingham prepared Myu spiritually in the moments leading up to his eventual execution from her perspective. The focus will be on the duo’s story of redemption, their relationship with Christie, their spiritual wellbeing in the moments before their deaths and how they conducted themselves on the way to their ‘cross’.

This project will act as an important springboard to develop a broader documentary series detailing the specific legacy Myu and Andrew left behind, influencing everyone from fellow inmates, to guards, to helping Aussies back home overcome their own drug addictions.

Of Myu and Andrew, their prison governor described them as model prisoners and testified in court that they should not be executed because of the positive influence they have had on others. The governor stated that they “organised courses in prison, leads the English-language church service and is a mentor to many.”

Making a film of any nature requires a significant investment of time, effort and the collective energy of a lot of talent. To film a professional piece, we believe that effort needs to be remunerated and hence we are seeking your help.

The production team and actors are all donating their time and deferring their fees to see this project to fruition, however, we’d like to secure a professional crew for the filming and post production components of the film shoot hence the need to raise some funds. $5,000 will afford us the opportunity to secure a professional filming crew for production and will also allow us to invest in key elements of post production as well including but limited to music licensing, colour grading and sound mixing.

Upon completion we will submit this project to high profile film festivals. The Sundance Film Festival has already expressed interest after meeting Christie Buckingham at the Good Pitch film initiative in 2016. After the ‘festival circuit’, we will release this to the general public.

We thank you for your consideration to contribute to this project and the legacy of Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan.

Julian York on behalf of The Three Kings Pictures team

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Julian York is the founder of Three Kings Pictures. They have been named by the Screen Producers Association of Australia as one of Australia’s ‘ones to watch’ production houses.

We seek to tell stories that will work on a global scale however produced and filmed in Australia. Our focus is on producing commercial content but have a passion for stories that have a strong social message as we seek to use film as a medium to be a voice for the voiceless.

Julian is currently producing his first feature film – Under the Hill, while also in pre-production for a project on the ‘Bali 9 duo’ currently titled Execution Island. He also Executive Produced the short film Melvis (by Mountain High Media) which gained selection in 3 international film festivals including Tropfest.

As an actor Julian has appeared in feature films including the award winning Eraser Children, and Little Black Dress. More recently he was a part of the ABC series ANZAC Girls. His stage credits include Misalliance, while also taking part in the Short and Sweet festival playing Smol in the critically acclaimed Fruits of War and prior to that, playing Vince Fontain in a South African production of Grease.


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