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Execution Island – Location costs

We were right in the swing of pre-production and about to roll the camera’s and sound when our location for principle photography fell through. We have a solution but we need your help to fund it.

Days Left

Rev. Christie Buckingham, spiritual advisor to one of the ‘Bali 9 duo’, Myuran (Myu) Sukumaran, made a personal promise to Myu and Andrew Chan to continue to keep their legacy alive to ensure they did not die in vain, and that eventually, we will see the abolishment of the death penalty.

Our film is her eye witness account to their final hours and will be used by her personally as a resource to help tell her story to different audiences around the globe as she continues her fight to end the death penalty.

Our film focuses on how their faith strengthened them in those final hours as they lived out their testimony to the end.

Myuran and Andrew, while not excusing their crimes, were totally rehabilitated and making a difference to countless lives within their environment. They left a lasting legacy and your donations will help preserve that.

Rehabilitation is the point of the prison system and the death penalty makes a mockery of that. With Australia’s stint on the Human Rights Council the abolishment of the death penalty will again take centre stage as we seek to eradicate a barbaric practice worldwide.

Myu and Andrew’s story should be preserved as a beacon of hope for ending the death penalty. In the process they lived out an amazing testimony through their faith in God which strengthened them during their time on death row right up until the moment they were killed.

Thanks to the generous donations so far we were just about to start rolling camera’s and sound on the production when it came to a screeching halt.

Unfortunately, our location fell through at the very last minute and that’s had a knock-on effect on other elements of the production (like having to work across different councils, funding accommodation for a longer shoot, increased catering etc.) which means we have to raise a little bit more money.

We’ve already recorded Rev. Buckingham’s narration, started the casting process, hired the crew and got all other elements of the shoot in place. All we need now is to pay for the new location (the old Maitland Gaol – now a national museum) and get this project back on track for a release date of 29 April 2018 – the 3rd anniversary of Myu and Andrew’s deaths.

Thank you in advance!!

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Julian York is the founder of Three Kings Pictures. They have been named by the Screen Producers Association of Australia as one of Australia’s ‘ones to watch’ production houses.

We seek to tell stories that will work on a global scale however produced and filmed in Australia. Our focus is on producing commercial content but have a passion for stories that have a strong social message as we seek to use film as a medium to be a voice for the voiceless.

Julian is currently producing his first feature film – Under the Hill, while also in pre-production for a project on the ‘Bali 9 duo’ currently titled Execution Island. He also Executive Produced the short film Melvis (by Mountain High Media) which gained selection in 3 international film festivals including Tropfest.

As an actor Julian has appeared in feature films including the award winning Eraser Children, and Little Black Dress. More recently he was a part of the ABC series ANZAC Girls. His stage credits include Misalliance, while also taking part in the Short and Sweet festival playing Smol in the critically acclaimed Fruits of War and prior to that, playing Vince Fontain in a South African production of Grease.




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