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Escape From Trash Mountain

Help Trash Puppets trashventure to Adelaide Fringe!

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We’ve proven that one person’s trash can be another’s treasure, but now we need your treasure to be our trash!

Trash Puppets’ show Escape From Trash Mountain is trashventuring across the Vic/SA state boundary to Adelaide Fringe. It’s a valuable opportunity to share our message of sustainability and creativity with kids and families in Adelaide after some great successes in Melbourne and Auckland.

Adelaide Fringe is the second biggest fringe festival in the world and is also one of the biggest arts market places. We want to get a piece of the action by getting our show in front of a huge number of venue reps and presenters who go to Adelaide looking for great meaningful content. In short, a trip to Adelaide could mean many more trips to come!

Moving to Adelaide for a month is going to be an expensive exercise. We have several costs to cover up front including venue hire deposits, flights, accom, flyers, and several other things you wouldn’t expect (who knew puppets made of rubbish could be so expensive to maintain!). All of these things need to be locked in well before the first ticket is even sold – our poor producer is losing sleep, sanity, and hair trying to stretch the budget as far as possible to get us to the place we need to be. We have a fantastic venue in the Gluttony garden and are well-placed to succeed, but we need your help!

Help us take our show to the kids of Adelaide and beyond. Our show asks audiences to consider the environmental and social impact of our decisions and puts forward the idea that every member of society is valuable and should never be written off. We have a great story and we tell it well, so get behind a worthwhile bit of kids theatre.

The show opens to Adelaide audiences on 16 February and plays till 11 March. Help us get there for Feb!


Ben Anderson




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Ben Anderson is Melbourne-based theatre-maker and producer.

Originally trained as a writer and director at Unitec in Auckland, Ben loves to facilitate surprising, magical, and downright absurd experiences. He has spent two years working as an event coordinator and associate producer at New Zealand’s largest arts centre Auckland Live, and currently manages commercial and arts hires at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

As an independent producer, Ben has brought into the world a life-sized replica of New Zealand’s Pink & White Terraces (complete with volcanic eruption), a giant pop-up book (the size of two cars), a touring kids puppet show about monsters fighting to escape a landfill, and a post-apocalyptic puppet-thriller about the last man on earth who is trapped in a supermarket.


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