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Entanglement: Voices of Women

What is this world in which we are entangled? How do we connect? A live and filmed mosaic of music and monologues.

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What is this world in which we are entangled? How do we connect?

Sharing stories brings us together to make sense of our world and discover who we really are, deepen our understanding, and experience compassion and joy. Stories are the clarity within the noise around us.

Voices of Women empowers Australian women through creative writing and performance. Inspired by storytelling, performance and new music, it has community and collaboration at its heart.

The Entanglement series of events connect communities and artists through monologues and commissioned music. The stories are read by emotive actors in live readings, reflected in music created specially for the program, and presented in unusual spaces and on film.

We are committed to breaking down barriers and presenting diverse stories, in particular First Nations stories, stories from culturally and linguistically diverse communities, from women living with disability and LGBTQI+ communities.

In our fourth year we want to build on the incredible success of 2020, giving women writers greater opportunity to reach wider audiences, supporting actors and musicians, and strengthening ties internationally.

Our program begins in Marrickville in Sydney, amongst the wooden towers of Marrickville Library, then tours out into the back streets of the central western town of Dubbo, then becomes immersed in the Shoalhaven Regional Gallery in Nowra.
Along the way we collaborate and connect with local writers groups, arts centres and local musicians and actors.

From there we leap across the ocean to connect with artists and writers in New York and other US cities in Entanglement USA. We will present a film of monologues and music as a creative way to connect with women across the continents in this time of trouble and change.

Your donation will directly enable us to share these stories. While we have support from local councils and by selling tickets, it’s not nearly enough to run the full program. That’s where you come in.
You will support women who are empowered by telling their story, and encourage them to develop ideas and confidence in who they are.

Your support enables immensely talented and committed artists to produce powerful experiences for audiences.
You will also support our outreach work, running storytelling workshops and assisting women to craft their story.

Donate here, or contact us to find out how you can take part at https://voiceswomen.com or email at monologue@optusnet.com.au

Voices of Women is a very ambitious small not for profit! It presents a unique national short story competition that calls for short pieces in the first person to be read by professional actors.
 It follows that up with performance events in intimate spaces that celebrate fast fiction, slam readings and pop up formats.

Voices of Women champions new Australian stories that are diverse, from women of all ages, backgrounds and writing skills. The result is an expression of our differences and our commonality, the way women experience the same challenges and moments of beauty but from our unique and personal perspectives. The Executive is made up of leading writers and publishers from all over Australia, with creative director Lliane Clarke. Voices of Women is pushing the boundaries of what writers and audiences can expect from the spoken word.

Collaboration and community participation is at the heart of the Voices of Women adventure and the building of relationships across the writing and performance sector is key to its success.

For its third year, Voices of Women is running CLEARWAY 2020, a competition and tour to regional NSW.

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