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Ensemble MUSE: 2019 Season

The 7-piece all-female modern music ensemble is BACK. Support Ensemble MUSE for their provoking and diverse 2019 season.

Days Left

Ensemble MUSE are busy planning 3 packed concerts for their 2019 season.

Classical chamber music is a growing medium, and we strive to support the composers who work to create music that question our beliefs, and uplift us musically. The money raised will go towards buying scores and hiring venues to perform them.

We hope to raise enough by the end of the year to support our first concert, and will continue to fundraise until our last concert in 2019.

Our project aims to enliven the essence of Sydney’s art and culture. Without cultivating and supporting the groups we already have, we stop moving forward.

We would like to create community within the music scene, bringing together listeners of all backgrounds, as well as newcomers who have not yet set foot in the deep depths of modern classical music

As we are a self-funded group, and have so far only given free concerts, we need financial support from patrons to ensure we sustain the high quality of our concerts.

Your donations to Ensemble MUSE no matter how big or small will contribute to the sustainment of classical music in Sydney.

You can find out more about Ensemble MUSE here:

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Ensemble MUSE is an all-female group dedicated to empowering female performers, based at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Our group aims to bring special attention to women and minority composers.

Through our selection of compositions, we create a groove in traditional music history. We are our own leaders, creating an environment fostered by equality and creative freedom.


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