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Emu Youth is a Christian music ministry, created to equip and encourage young people with the gospel in song. This project seeks to develop engaging, dynamic and accessible videos for the ministry and its songs.

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Emu Youth was developed in 2016 as part of the ministry of Emu Music. It seeks to develop, write, record and release gospel-centred, accessible, playable and singable songs for Christians and Christian gatherings.

Emu Youth’s first release, This Is The One, was in 2017 and is available alongside a devotional exploring the Bible passages that inspired the songs. Their second release, No Love Is Higher, is a collaboration with Sydney music ministers, Curtis Smith (Church by the Bridge) and James West (St Thomas’ North Sydney), and engineer and producer Jackson Barclay (EV Church, Erina). This album will once again be accompanied by a devotional and a series of music and training videos.

Emu Youth have been involved in a number of youth events and conferences around the world, teaching, training and facilitating the singing of God’s word.

We consider the ministry of the Word in song to be of upmost importance in the life of Christians and the church. More than ever, because of the availability and accessibility of music, our theology is being formed and informed by the songs we are listening to and singing. This is particularly true for young people. Emu Youth has been developed to provide Christians in this age group and beyond with songs that are true. relevant, playable, singable and full of God’s word.

In order to do this, we need your help! Your generosity in supporting this project financially will allow us to pour more resources and time into this project; making music is an incredibly expensive task – even more so now with digital streaming and so few CD purchases. As a not-for-profit Christian charity, your support will ensure that we can continue this ministry in a financially viable and sustainable way.

Your donations will be used to support the multi-media releases of the project. This includes the music video series of the songs in the album. These videos ensure the wide reach and promotion of the songs across Australia – and the world! – and are used not only for training and entertainment, but also as a way to make Christian music accessible to unbelievers.

In supporting the videos of the project, you are of course supporting the whole ministry of Emu Youth.


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Emu Music is a collaborative, creative, gospel music project. Emus’ team of musicians and songwriters work together to produce fresh, contemporary musical expressions for thousands of worshipers around the world. We seek to train musicians and provide excellent music and resources for all abilities.


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