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Embarrassing Parents Anonymous – Post

Give us the strength to accept the family we cannot change, courage to change the family we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

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Eleven-year old Lara has it all. Great friends. A loving family. Life is good. And then Lara’s parents separate. Lara is left to live with her unstable father, Ben, after her mother runs away to Europe indefinitely. Indomitable, Lara steps up to the plate and takes the weight of her dad’s emotional baggage. However, her resolve begins to crack under the pressure of Ben’s bizarre and increasingly embarrassing behavior.

Lara turns to the internet for help, finding the E.P.A – Embarrassing Parents Anonymous – a safe space where kids like Lara can find respite from parents like Ben. There, under the guise of an acting class, a motley group of kids meet weekly to discuss their mortifying families and, led by a mysterious fourteen-year old facilitator named Kate, the members of the E.P.A are equipped with a range of methods to help them navigate the awkward road to adulthood.

E.P.A is aimed directly at children and parents, speaking truthfully to kids by examining the nature of family humiliation and frustration, while also highlighting the struggles that parents endure in the raising of a child. Indirectly, audiences without children will relive their own familial rollercoasters through Ben and Lara’s journey.

We see E.P.A as being part of a broader conversation about mental health issues for kids, especially during the weird and awkward transition from child to adult. We want to strongly communicate that there is support for every kid, with their peers and, even if embarrassing or hard to talk about, with their parents.

This is where you come in.

E.P.A was filmed in October 2018 and is currently in post-production. With the generous support of a great group of donors we were able to capture some incredible footage and support our talented and dedicated crew.

But we need just a bit more support to give E.P.A the post-production polish it deserves.

We are raising money specifically for post-production, including sound design, composition, recording and editing.

Our goal is to have E.P.A ready for the world to see by the start of 2019 and we will be submitting E.P.A to some of our favourite film festivals around the world, including the Berlin International Film Festival.

To follow our progress and find out more, like our facebook page at 

Thank you for your support, for this film and for the creative arts in Australia.


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James is an artist, producer and lawyer from Sydney, Australia. A graduate of the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Economics and a Bachelor of Laws, he has produced comedy shows at the Seymour Centre, Giant Dwarf and Factory Theatre and was part of the creative team behind a series of music videos produced for Sydney musical comedy band, Songtourage. James grew up with his extended family under one roof and EPA brought years of embarrassing memories flooding back… E.P.A is a phenomenal story and James is focused on bringing together a superb team for this film his 11-year old self would have loved.

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