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Elusive Practice: the art of Nola Farman

After working as an artist for 60 years, it’s time to produce a book on my artworks bringing to international attention a significant practice as an innovative and valuable contribution to contemporary Australian art.

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A monograph will contextualize my art practice, providing an overview in much the same way as a major retrospective, which would be too expensive for an Australian gallery to mount. A book will give a new perspective on my art works, illuminating the diverse possibilities of experimentation in contemporary art for students, practitioners, educators, critics, curators and art lovers.

STILL EXPERIMENTING: at 80 years of age, I see this monograph as the creation of a new work in its own right.

I will actively collaborate with the writers and the designer to connect in my current work all the conceptual dots of a long art career. Currently, with a light touch using humour and satire I engage particular theoretical and/or literary works in a dialogue between experimental approaches of the literary and art worlds.

At a local café in Sydney I present performed readings, which will lead to future exhibitions and publications beyond this monograph. Recent installations and readings of my work continue this train of thought investigating the way the “art speak” of didactic panels and the textual paraphernalia of exhibitions shape both the reading and seeing of art.I make large public works, small private works and simple looking works with complex connotations and artist books. The idea chooses the medium.

A BACKWARD GLANCE will show how I designed and developed immersive interactive works before comparable audio-visual systems were readily available.

All thanks to you, I will be able to commission a number of writers who will each write a critical chapter on an aspect of my art practice, so as to establish the integrity and congruence of the whole body of work. I will engage a book designer to produce an innovative format, which will actively demonstrate and enable the conceptual aspects of my practice and visually link my artist book production to the critical monograph.

Your donation will underwrite the cost of publishing a high quality book, presented in as generous as possible way to many people.

I will be able to fly to Perth to document some art works significant for the monograph.

You will help create a kind of trampoline to launch me and sustain my flight into my future work and I will thank you heartily for the opportunity!

I studied sculpture at Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Canada, graduating in 1966. I completed an MA (Public Art) and a PhD (The Humours of the Artist Book) at the University of Western Sydney (2007). I am currently writing and producing artworks about the absurdity of contemporary life, using the art world as an exemplar. My Art Practice is diverse ranging from drawing, painting, small and sculptures to large environmental works, installations (sound, sensors, electronics and video), artists’ books and experimental writing. Commissions include public artworks in Singapore, Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney and Perth. Awards include Australia Council Two Year Fellowship (1997); two Premier’s Awards, WA Civic Design Award (1995); Predominantly Landscape Environment Award (1995) with FFW Architects/Urban Planners; Mundaring Arts Centre Inaugural Prize, Self-portraiture; L.I.N. Award of Excellence (EPRA), Public Art Consultant with Tract Landscape Architects. Diploma of Honor, Prix Ars Electronica, Linz for The Lift Project; project grants from the Australia Council, ANAT, NSW Department for the Arts and WA Department for the Arts. I have been Artist-in-residence in several Australian Universities as well as in Montreal, Paris and Thailand.


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