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Elbow Room’s next production, Niche.

Support Elbow Room’s newest work, NICHE, devised and performed by Eryn Jean Norvill and Emily Tomlins and presented as part of the 2017 SpeakEasy program at the Northcote Town Hall from August 16 -27.

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In August 2017, Eryn Jean Norvill and Elbow Room’s very own co-Artistic Director Emily Tomlins will revisit their famously successful collaboration to devise and perform Elbow Room’s newest work, Niche.

Powered by a pumping original soundtrack from Steve Toulmin and Marcel Dorney, and directed by Nic Holas (Finucane & Smith). Elbow Room welcomes Amelia Lever Davidson as Lighting Designer, Emily Collett as Set Designer, Zoe Rouse as Costume Designer, Helen Duncan as Choreographer, Bindi Green as Production Manager and Samantha Butterworth as Producer.

Niche is a pop star. She writes songs about what it’s like to be her, and it’s made her famous. Now, millions of people care way too much about what she does, who she’s with, and what she ate for breakfast.

Jodee doesn’t know about pop music. She does know about science; to be precise, she knows about dangerous viruses. That’s why she’s been hired by Niche’s management.

Niche is a sharp and deeply affecting comedy about celebrity and connection in the digital age.

Niche plays from Wednesday August 16 – Saturday 26 2017 at the Main Hall in Northcote Town Hall.

In 2008 Emily Tomlins and Marcel Dorney moved from Brisbane to Melbourne and Elbow Room was born.

Elbow Room are committed to the rigours of writing and performance making that test and strengthen the relationship between art and society, to create change. Renowned for their intellectual and artistic integrity and as one of the leading independent theatre companies in Australia, Elbow Room have presented work at Melbourne Theatre Company as part of NEON Independent Theatre Festival, Brisbane Powerhouse, La Boite, HotHouse Theatre, Carriageworks, Theatre Works, Brisbane Festival, Junction Arts Festival and Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney Fringe Festivals.

Elbow Room are poised to create another exceptional piece of theatre. Niche interrogates contemporary Australian culture by asking: how do we navigate our sense of ‘authentic experience’ when it’s mediated through technology? And what choices do we make in this space which compromise the humanity of others?

This is Eryn Jean and Emily’s second collaboration. In 2009 they created a tiny chorus and have been slaving over Niche since 2014. Elbow Room ask for your support to create a piece of theatre which we promise you won’t forget!

As a company, Elbow Room have realised 10, of our 11, original works through a group devised format, creating a genuine relationship with collaborators to find a shared vision. These projects are generally always subsidised by the artists. We ask for your help to reduce this subsidy and to sustain an independent arts industry / practice.

As an independent company, we have always punched above the weight of our resources. We ask for your support to create a work of substance and scale, in order to extend the artistic experiences of our audiences, and the sustainability of our practice. Your donations will go directly to paying our artists for their valuable work.


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Elbow Room are a contemporary performance ensemble based in Melbourne, Australia. The company was founded in 2008 by Emily Tomlins, Angus Grant and Marcel Dorney with the mission ‘to ask big questions in small spaces’. Since then, they have cultivated a practice which combines a radically optimistic faith in the curiosity of audiences, and our collective intelligence, with a rigorous approach to the crafts of performance.

Elbow Room’s purpose is to create theatre that tests and strengthens the relationship between the way that we communicate and the way we structure and participate in our society.

By pursuing principles of ensemble, Elbow Room create a space for their collaborators to deepen and challenge their practice, and to empowering audiences to ask important questions.

Over seven years, Elbow Room have created eleven original performance works which have garnered critical acclaim, sell-out seasons in several cities, and multiple re-presentation partnerships around Australia, including the Brisbane Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Sydney Fringe Festival, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Metro Arts, and Junction Arts Festival. The company has received three Green Room Awards.


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