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Dots+Loops Nonstop

Australia’s post-genre concert series and artist collective, Dots+Loops gratefully welcomes support for its 2019 Nonstop festival, a new cultural landmark event for Brisbane this December.

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Dots+Loops is Australia’s post-genre music and arts series, inclusively exploring the spaces in between a traditional classical concert, an underground club gig, and an experimental art show. Our unique concert experiences have been consistently applauded by critics, audiences and performers alike since 2014.

This December, we’re presenting our biggest and most exciting festival in all our five years: A 6-hour celebration of Brisbane and Australia’s most exciting and adventurous post-genre musicians, spread across two stages.

Dots+Loops Nonstop is designed to be a unique cultural destination—an opportunity for adventurous artists and audiences from across the country and the world to come together, and experience Queensland’s inclusive, world-leading post-genre and experimental music scenes.

Exemplifying our passion for our communities, the festival also incorporates a unique performance fellowship program for up-and-coming adventurous Australian musicians, plus there are numerous free workshops for everyone on everything from live media production, to composition, to musical entrepreneurship!

However, we need your help. A lot of major arts funding groups in Australia are in a very precarious situation right now, and with 2019 proving one of the most competitive funding seasons ever, your donation is absolutely vital for us to make Nonstop a reality!

In joining us, you’ll be directly investing in making exciting and adventurous new music and art accessible for everyone, and supporting local and diverse artists. None of us would be where we are today if it wasn’t for the help of our peers and the support of our community. We want you to join with us in building this community, and help confirm Brisbane as an international centres for exciting and inclusive music and art.

$5,000 allows us to fully fund our Australia-first performance fellowship program, providing 12 young musicians and 2 composers with a uniquely empowering educational experience. But why stop there?
$10,000 will allow us to fund all fellow travel and accommodation, and provide fellows in need with with financial stipends for their time, making the program fully accessible regardless of economic status, and
$20,000 will allow the Dots+Loops team to cover all the above costs, but then also cover all our overheads and pay ourselves, making this festival a sustainable initiative for everyone involved!

Thank you so much for joining with us, and enabling to share this amazing festival with you, And once you’ve donated, head over to the Dots+Loops website to read about the festival in full!

Much love,
Kieran Welch, Flora Wong and Megan Steller.

Dots+Loops is Australia’s post-genre music and arts series, inclusively exploring the spaces in between a traditional classical concert, an underground club gig, and an experimental art show. Since 2014, we have presented exciting, adventurous and thought-provoking live art of all kinds, and placed it in relaxed urban spaces. Combined with a passion for community, social equity, and quality over quantity, our shows culminate in a unique performance experience, which has been consistently applauded by critics, audiences and artists alike.

Dots+Loops is a highly collaborative and inclusive series; every performer, composer, artist, audience attendee and support staff member is a part of the Dots+Loops family. Founded in 2014 by Artistic Director and Producer Kieran Welch, this year sees the group evolve into a national partnership, with Allison Wright joining as co-Artistic Director and Producer, and Megan Steller as Director of Education Programs and Marketing.

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