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People start dying after the arrival of a mysterious stranger in a small Australian town. But the local police officer is too preoccupied by his dream Mercedes to pay attention to the death around him.

Days Left

DOTS is an absurd dark comedy. It deals with the themes of obsession, morality and death.

After reading Albert Camus’ The Plague, Eryk Lenartowicz started thinking what would happen if a sudden eruption of deaths took place in a small Australian town? How would the “average Joe” react? What can we do in such a direct confrontation with death?

Eryk started writing the script to Dots nearly 2 years ago, and after spending endless days and nights by his computer, going through nearly 50 drafts, we are without doubt ready to dive into production.

We have been extremely fortunate with cast, with a magnificent amount of brilliant Australian actors trusting the vision and getting on board; Alan Dukes (The Little Death, Beneath Hill 60), Heather Mitchell (The Great Gatsby, Rogue), Lucy Bell (The Square, Murder Call), Tony Bonner (Skippy, The Man from Snowy River), Anita Hegh (Stuffed, Last Ride) and many more.

Inspired by the aesthetics of Yorgos Lanthimos, Roy Andersson, David Lynch and Alex van Warmerdam, we truly believe a distinct style will be of great benefit for our project. We will shoot much of the film in static master-shots with a 28mm Cooke lens, which will enhance the 70s retro style and give it a real nostalgic, filmic quality. Thanks to the Australian Film Television and Radio School, we will be shooting DOTS on the ARRI ALEXA, one of the best cameras on the market used for BIRDMAN, GRAVITY, DRIVE and the list goes on and on.

As you can imagine, it is extremely hard to get our projects funded. In order to enter the professional film world we need to be able to show that we can create something unique with a small budget, however, we still need to be able to pay actors and professional crew in order to put together a high quality film that can hopefully be shown in film festivals in Australia and abroad so that next time we won’t need to ask for this kind of financial help.

Where the money is going:

– Art Department (DOTS has a unique aesthetic, a 1970s retro look and feel that will take great production design to pull off. We need to hire props and we’re even making some of our costumes from scratch thanks to our incredibly talented production designers Thom Muir and Yvette Underwood.)

– Shooting interiors in the AFTRS studio, we will have to build a set from scratch, which, in order for it to be as close as initially envisioned, will be time consuming and will cost money.

– Post Production (Sound design, colour correction, facilities).

– Catering (A happy crew is a well fed crew.)

We hope you believe in our project and can help see it come alive. We would be absolutely privileged to see you get engaged and on board with our journey. Every dollar counts, your contributions will have a severe impact on the quality of the film.

“The greatness of art is not to find what is common but what unique”.
Isaac Bashevis Singer


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Eryk Lenartowicz is a current masters student at the Australian Film Television and Radio School specializing in writing/directing. He graduated from the Gdynia Film School (Poland) in 2014, specialising in directing.

His short films “Fast Food” and “Sunday” have screened at several international film festivals [Caminhos International Film Festival (Portugal), Gdynia Film Festival (Poland), Phoenix Film Festival (Australia), DocSunback Film Festival (USA), TrueDoc Documentary Festival (Ukraine)]. He has also recently produced Hunter Page-Lochard’s (“Cleverman”, “Spear”) debut short film “Djali”. Growing up on stage, having actor parents, Eryk has had a strong passion for storytelling ever since he was a child. He is an avid fan of the tragicomedy, believing that the best way to portray the tragedies of life is through humour.

Rebecca Janek is an Independent Producer and former Development Executive at South Sydney Media. She has developed and produced content for ABC, SBS, Beyond, Channel 7, Crackle and South Sydney Football Club. Rebecca specialises in short-form drama and documentary and has recently returned Sydney after filming a feature documentary in rural Tennessee.

Joshua Webber is a Sydney-based screen editor, specialising in documentary films and current affairs. Having worked in the Australian television industry for fifteen years and cut everything from sport, to drama, to news, he is currently completing his MA (Screen Arts) at AFTRS – honing his craft and making the transition into film.

Thom Muir and Yvette Underwood work almost exclusively as a creative partnership in all aspects of film, art, and life.

Thom Muir is a production designer, director and artist based in Sydney. Coming from a street art and animation background, Thom brings a wealth of design flair and experience to both the commercial and narrative projects he works on. He is currently a student at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School.

Yvette Underwood is a designer, artist, printmaker and filmmaker, currently specialising in film for her third year at the National Art School. Coming from a fashion background, she achieved a full scholarship to Parsons Design School in NYC before moving into film media.


Ramy Daniel is an Iraqi, Sydney based multi-award winning freelance cinematographer who has worked in the wedding and film industry since the age of 16. His films have been screened at the Antenna Film Festival, Tribal Film Festival, Sydney Film School Festival and others. Ramy is currently studying at The Australian Film, Television and Radio School (Sydney) as a Master of Screen Arts student specialising in cinematography.


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